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The JOJOLands

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a quotation. The quotes featured below the picture are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The notes below are from The JOJOLands.


Chapter Translation Original

TJL Chapter 1 I hope you enjoy JOJO Part 9. Personally, my favorite character to draw is Paco. JOJO第9部よろしくお願いいたします。 自分的に描いてて特に好きなのは[パコ]です。

TJL Chapter 2 It's never happened before, but I got hit with hay fever this year. It's pretty bad. 無縁だったけれど今年花粉デビューしたみたい。これ辛いね。

TJL Chapter 3 I was able to do some flower viewing this year. It's nice to enjoy the bright, happy atmosphere. 今年はお花見ができました。 華やかで幸福感があっていいね。

TJL Chapter 4 To think a work I drew for France's bande dessinées would be made into a movie. Wow. フランスのバンド・デシネのために描いた作品が映画になるとはね。凄いね。

TJL Chapter 5 You know plastic wrap, right? The type that comes in those boxes. Do not, under any circumstances, let the plastic fall off the blade and slip back into the box. At that point, it's all over. Like basically the end of the world. 食品のラップ、箱のヤツ。ノコギリの所から中に端が入るともう絶対ダメ。無理。この世の終わりの気分です。

TJL Chapter 6 Whipped myself up some Chicken Parmesan. It tasted amazing after I squeezed a lemon on it. パルミジャーノチーズを衣に入れたフライドチキンを料理してみた。仕上げにレモンを搾って、ウマかったー。

TJL Chapter 7 The heat's been so awful this year, it feels like it's trying to take me out. I barely have any means to defend myself from it. I even tried to run into the woods, but it was full of wasps. 今年は本当に生命的な暑さでヤバいです。 個人的対策はほぼ無い。森に逃げたけれどスズメバチ居るし。

TJL Chapter 8 I stayed at the Hayama Kachi-Tei Hotel, which is Rohan's house in the live action. I didn’t draw manga while I was there, but they said I could cook, so I did. 実写露伴の加地邸に行ってきました。やっても良いというので漫画は描かなかったけれど料理してきましたよ。

TJL Chapter 9 I walk to work, but I keep getting stopped for a police check. They ask me things like "What's in your wallet?" Can you believe I'm being stopped for a police check even though I'm over 60? 仕事場まで徒歩通勤してるのだけれど職質されるんだよねェ。財布に何入ってるの?とか?60歳過ぎて職質される?

TJL Chapter 10 I went on a trip to Osaka and Kyoto. I came across a book that used the sound 'totsutotsutotsu' (咄々々). It seems to be similar to the onomatopoeia 'gogogo' (ゴゴゴ). 大阪京都旅行して来ました。「咄々々(とつとつとつ)」という音の書に出会いました。意味は「ゴゴゴ」みたいな擬音らしい。

Chapter Translation Original

TJL Chapter 11 Happy new year, everyone! I sincerely wish you all good health and happiness. Thank you for your continued support this year. 新年明けましておめでとうございます。皆様のご健康とご多幸を心からお祈り致します。今年もよろしくお願いいたします。

TJL Chapter 12 I went to Osaka recently and the udon there was delicious. Not to discount Tokyo's, but there's something about it that you can't really get here. You know what I mean? 大阪に行ってきました。東京もいいけど大阪のうどんって何かが違うよね。うまいよね。

TJL Chapter 13 Last year I got hit with hay fever for the first time, but this year it feels completely different. Maybe I don't actually have hay fever after all. 花粉症、去年デビューしたんだけど今年はなんかそうでもない。もしかして俺、花粉症じゃないのかな。

TJL Chapter 14 I went on a pilgrimage trip to Ise Grand Shrine. It feels nice during the spring. 伊勢神宮にお参り旅行に行ってきました。春の季節は気持ちがいいね。

TJL Chapter 15 I went out to eat with Tetsuo Hara, the illustrator of Fist of the North Star. I think we're pretty close friends. (laughs) 「北斗の拳」の原哲夫先生とご飯を食べたよ。結構仲良しかも。笑

TJL Volume 1

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
The JOJOLands is Part 9 of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. We find our ninth protagonist in a fifteen-year-old boy. I consider fifteen to be the age where a person's feelings toward the future are the most vibrant. As the author, my hope is that the protagonist will mature and develop admirably over time. On another note, within this story you will see the name "November Rain," the root "novem" being Latin for the number 9. At some point, the months of July and August were inserted into the middle of the calendar, causing November to become the eleventh month.
『The JOJOLands』は『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険』の第9部です。第9番目の主人公は15歳の少年です。

TJL Volume 2

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
While walking to work, I'll sometimes get stopped for police checks, but other times, people will just hand me food. They'll be like, "Would you like some persimmons to go? Perhaps some udon or radishes?" These people don't even live nearby. I don't know who some of them are. They don't expect autographs or anything, and it's a different person each time. I guess I look hungry. They even handed me matsutake mushrooms one time, hahaha. Isn't that amazing? What I'm trying to say is that's how I start off my work days.

TJL Volume 3

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
I've been cautious about sharing this because I didn't want to be seen as strange, but I haven't spoken about it anywhere before. About 40 years ago, in my twenties, I traveled to Italy and made a side trip to a northern town called "Padova." It was my first visit, but I immediately felt a sense of familiarity with the place. As I walked along the road next to the river flowing through the town, I recognized the buildings, the bridge views, and even knew how to get to the church—it was exactly as I had somehow known it would be. Ever since, I make it a point to visit Padova whenever I travel. (Continued in Volume 4)
変な人と思われるかと用心して、今までどこでも言ってなかったのだけれど。20代の頃、40年ほど前にイタリアへ旅行した時に『パドヴァ』という北の方の町に寄り道をした。初めてのその町を「この場所、知ってる」と感じた。町を流れる川沿いの道を歩いて行くと、どんな建物があるとか、橋の風景とか、教会への行き方とかそういう事なのだが、知っていたし、その通りの地形だった。そういう感覚。旅行のたびに、なるべく『パドヴァ』の町に寄る事にした。 (4巻につづく)

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