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posted 612 days ago

If you mean restoring the page you were working on, I pasted the contents on the sandbox page that I linked in the previous message. You can work on the draft page on your sandbox and attach the uploaded images there, I'll just move it back to the deleted Niko and... page when it's ready to be published. If you need a guide on how it should look, you can check the JOJO x WEGO page for reference. Thanks againǃ

posted 612 days ago

Good day Heliusǃ Thanks for your contribution on the "Niko and..." page. However, I temporarily deleted it because it was barely finished when you published it. If you still want to continue working on the page, you can create it on your sandbox. Just make sure it has enough content next time. Thanks in advanceǃ

posted 615 days ago

Yo thanks for your uploads with the model sheets and all but can you at least appropriate a character name instead of just overly generic names? It'll make it harder in the future for if these files have to be eventually replaced. Thanks