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All that matters is the here and the now. Live in the moment! (大切なものが「ここ」と「今のこと」だけだ。「存在」にいろ!, Taisetsuna mono ga "koko" to "ima no koto" dage da. "Sonzai" ni iro!)

About Me

Hello! I'm Irene (any/all), eighteen years old, living near Portland, Oregon. I've been a fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for about five years now, starting with the anime. I've since read all canon content (as in, Parts 1 through 9, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, and Deadman's Questions), as well as a few other, non-canon works, such as Purple Haze Feedback, and other Araki series, like Baoh the Visitor, Gorgeous Irene, and Cool Shock B.T. (including B.T. "The Wicked Boy" and Cool Shock Old B.T.).

I've been studying Japanese for a little longer than I've been interested in JoJo, most likely also five years, and am mostly fluent. My main project on this wiki is translating chapter author's notes, although I've been slacking off quite a bit recently in the interests of playing ASBR and scanning Weekly Shonen Jump and Ultra Jump issues, as well as working at my job at a pizzeria, and attending college.

As for what I do in my free time, I create music in the alternative rock genre. I play, in order of proficiency, the flute (B and C foots), bass guitar, double bass, guitar (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and classical guitar), piano, tuba, trumpet (and, by extension, cornet), and am picking up the violin and drumset.

Favorite Protagonists

Favorite Antagonists

Favorite Parts

I like all Parts equally, since I believe them all to be equally peak fiction, but I have a slight bias towards liking these two more:

Scans Contributed


I'll probably update this page a lot later. I have to get back to scanning. じゃあね<3