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Is that a technique he uses so he doesn't have to touch it himself? Or does he have antibodies for it? There's poison gas inside that ball...

Schott Key No.2 (ショット・キーNo.2 Shotto Kī Nanbā Tsū) is the Stand of the younger A. Phex Brother, featured in JoJolion. It is small doll-like Stand that resides inside of a ball and it generates a potent poison gas.


Schott Key No.2 is a small doll-like Stand made of a dark poisonous gas. It is vaguely humanoid, its head stuck to a bubbling amorphous body, with triangle shaped marks on the head and four similarly marked antennae protruding from the top of the head.

It is kept contained within the younger A. Phex brother's football.

The colored manga presents it as being green.


Schott Key No.2 is an automatic Stand with a straightforward and deadly poison ability but with no shown physical power. Thus it is impractical to use in direct combat.

To seal Schott Key No. 2, the younger brother must keep it hidden inside his football (soccer). Fortunately for the A. Phex Brothers, the younger can expertly manipulate the ball with his body to juggle and attack.

Toxic Gas

Schott Key No.2's gas burning Josuke's leg

Schott Key No.2 constantly releases a toxic gas, the strength of which is not shown in full.

The gas is potent enough to burn Josuke's skin on contact and a brief exposure made it difficult for him to breathe, and at full exposure, it can kill a person.[1]

The younger A. Phex brother is notably not immune to his own poison. Thus he hides his Stand inside a football which he throws or kicks at the enemy.[1]

Schott Key No.2 can be used in combination with Schott Key No.1, as the elder A. Phex Brother can touch the zipper on the soccer ball with his left hand to spread Schott Key No.2's toxic gas with his right hand.[1]


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