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Can you help me, occupy my brain?


I'm Moose Puffs, and I edit the wiki from time to time.

I started watching JoJo in 2019, and I got caught up with JoJolion in the same year. I lurked on the Fandom wiki for a while, but decided to start editing when this one was created. I mainly edit grammar and punctuation, as well as add trivia and links to articles that are missing them.

Some other anime and manga I enjoy besides JoJo are Initial D, Kaiji, Chainsaw Man, Death Note, and One Punch Man. My favorite work by Araki besides JoJo is Cool Shock B.T..

Some games/series I enjoy are Zelda, F-Zero, Pokemon, Megaman, Minecraft, Metroid, and many others.

I Hope to continue editing the wiki in the future and make sure everyone can have a reliable source for info on the series.


Favorite Fights

My Ranking of each Part

This is my current thoughts on how much I like each part of JoJo. These could probably change in the future, because my opions are constantly changing.

Pages I've Contributed Heavily To

  • Yamaoka (Grammar corrected the whole page, added big chunks to all sections, and added images.) (Someone should probably replace those images with the ones from the new scans, as an aside.)
  • Female Monk (Basically the same as above.)
  • Moon Rabbit (Grammar, trivia, image descriptions, etc.)
  • Ungalo (Added that he has hair. Not a massive edit, but I'm pretty proud of it for some reason. Credit goes to BoukLevoar for discovering it.)
  • Allegra Clark (Wrote her biography, added trivia, website.
  • Bunko Edition Releases (Mainly fixed punctuation for the author's notes.)
  • Saint's Corpse (I added the entire description for the Guardians.
  • I also marked most of the Steel Ball Run Stands for translation.