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Hi, I'm Bern Yoshi, just another user here in JoJo's pedia, so this means I like JoJo, just like you (probably). 

How I met Jojo's bizarre adventure

Memes. More precisely Roundabout memes. I used to watch a lot of Roundabout memes. Back in 2016, I went back to my native land, and the return gave me a shock. The best way I found to deal with the sadness and anxiety was memes, and Roundabout was one of them.

I Also like Top 10 lists, and one list was "Top 10 Most Satisfying Deaths in Anime". My expectations were that #1 would be Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, since he was to me the ultimate anime villain (at that time, I haven't watched Monster), but surprisingly, #1 was none other than DIO. So I asked myself: "Why?", and then I logged in Crunghyroll and watched from Episode 1 (Phantom Blood) all the way to SC Episode 48.

Top ten favorite characters

(Keep in mind that i'm still reading Stone Ocean)

  1. Jotaro Kujo
  2. Noriaki Kakyoin
  3. DIO
  4. Rohan Kishibe
  5. Pannacotta Fugo
  6. Joseph Joestar
  7. Yoshikage Kira
  8. Okuyasu Nijimura
  9. Jean Pierre Polnareff
  10. Risotto Nero

Top ten favorite Stands

(criteria: appearance and usability)

  1. Star Platinum
  2. Sex Pistols
  3. Gold Experience
  4. Purple Haze
  5. Heaven's Door
  6. Hierophant Green
  7. Crazy Diamond
  8. Silver Chariot
  9. The Hand
  10. Sticky Fingers

Top ten battles

  1. Jotaro vs. DIO
  2. Stardust Crusaders vs. Steely Dan
  3. Jotaro vs. Daniel D'Arby
  4. Jotaro vs. Anubis & Polnareff
  5. Giorno, Fugo & Abbacchio vs. Illuso
  6. Josuke vs. Kira
  7. Iggy & Polnareff vs. Vanilla Ice
  8. Vinegar Doppio vs. Risotto Nero
  9. Mista vs. Sale
  10. Giorno vs. Bruno Bucciarati

ten original Soundtracks

Favorite anime Openings

  1. Stand Proud
  2. Sono Chi no Sadame 
  3. Crazy Noizy Bizarre Town
  4. Sono Chi no Kioku
  5. Fighting Gold
  6. Great Days
  7. Chase

Favorite part

Stardust Crusaders
  1. Part 3
  2. Part 4
  3. Part 5
  4. Part 2
  5. Part 1

Favorite jojo

Jotaro Kujo
  1. Jotaro
  2. Joseph
  3. Giorno
  4. Jonathan
  5. Josuke

Favorite game

Eyes of Heaven
  1. Eyes of Heaven
  2. Heritage for the Future
  3. All Star Battle