The JOJOLands - Chapter 6

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Hualalai - Cat Size, Part 1 (フアラライ山 - キャット・サイズ その①, Fuararai-san - Kyatto Saizu Sono 1), originally titled Jungle Warfare, Part 1 (ジャングルの攻防 その①, Janguru no Kōbō Sono 1), is the sixth chapter of The JOJOLands and the nine hundred sixty third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jodio, Dragona, Paco, and Usagi are running through the jungle after having successfully robbed Rohan Kishibe. Jodio still privately wonders what is going on with the Lava Rock. He asks himself why Rohan has entrusted it to him and what the implications are. Jodio doesn't plan on doing anything with it unless it makes him money.

Suddenly, Paco trips on a root, forcing the group to stop. While Paco and Jodio try to remember the way to the car, Usagi idly recognizes an ʻiʻiwi bird. However, Dragona sees that the diamond has fallen on the ground, which surprises Paco who is sure that he put the gem in his backpack and zipped it. Then, Jodio also sees the precious artwork Usagi had stolen earlier near him beneath some leaves. Somehow, the drawing has left Usagi's backpack. Dragona also remembers how several bank notes that Paco had stolen mysteriously fell out of his pocket earlier and realizes that this is not a matter of being careless or any trick on Rohan's part, but rather it seems that precious items are drawn towards the Lava Rock. Since Jodio was holding the Lava Rock, Dragona tells him to pick up the diamond, assuming it wouldn't fall again.

However, when Jodio approaches the diamond, he touches a wire that was hidden in the grass. It coils around his ankle and lifts him up, leaving him dangling upside down from a tree. Surprised, Jodio drops the Lava Rock. Moreover, he glimpses a silhouette of the stray cats lurking around, hidden by the vegetation. The rest of the group is just as surprised as Jodio to see the wire attack continue even after they left the house. Jodio warns his companions about an animal lurking around and Usagi suspects the stray cat he's seen at Rohan's villa. Paco calls the attack a security system but Usagi insists it's a Stand attack launched by the cat. Paco asks why a cat would attack them, and while Usagi has no answer for this, he is sure they are being hunted by the cat. Meanwhile, the wire is also digging into Jodio's leg and Jodio is unable to break free. Dragona approaches to help him and Usagi tries to warn them but Dragona is still caught in a trap. Two other wires stealthily approach Dragona from behind, bind to each other, and then pierce Dragona's stomach. Paco rushes to Dragona's aid but when he grabs Dragona, the wires start to sew themselves into his arm, binding him and Dragona together.

Jodio sees more wires flying towards them from upwind and warns his companions. Paco finally acknowledges it as a Stand ability. Suddenly, Paco notices that Usagi has disappeared alongside the diamond, the artwork, and the Lava Rock. Seeing the car moving away, Paco angrily figures that Usagi has fled and taken all the goods, leaving them to their fate. Thus, Paco swears to hunt him down. As the wires approach Paco and Dragona, Jodio, still dangling from the tree, estimates the distances between him, the branch from which he's hanging, and the tree trunk. Satisfied, he tells Paco and Dragona to get under him and then summons November Rain. November Rain creates a rain right underneath it which pushes the floating wires onto the ground and disintegrates them while Jodio shields Paco and Dragona. Jodio tries to swing towards the tree but fails to grab onto the bark. Meanwhile, the trio of stray cats ominously observe the protagonists.


Rohan Kishibe (The JOJOLands)
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