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Phantom Blood

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a note to the reader. The quotes are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following notes and pictures below are from the volumes of Phantom Blood.


Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 1 There are times when JoJo is troubled and will whimper, but he's the same as everyone else and is just trying to live his best life!! Please support him. ジョジョは悩んだりメソメソしたりもする。でもみんなと同じで一所懸命生きる!!応援を

Chapter 2 Assistants Wanted! If you are a motivated, supportive person, please contact Mr. Kabashima, the editor, as soon as possible! アシスタント募集!バックのかけるヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏まで、大至急連絡下さい!

Chapter 3 The second half of this year suddenly got very busy! I have to work over the New Year's holiday, so please root for me!! 今年は後半急に忙しくなった!正月も返上してがんばるから、みなさん応援よろしく!!

Chapter 4 This New Year's, I've been absorbed in reading and watching films/books. Sidney Sheldon's "Master of the Game" was by far the best. 正月は読書三昧、映画三昧でした。S(シドニー)・シェルダンの「ゲームの達人」は最高だったよ。

Chapter 5 Assistants needed! If you are confident in your drawing skills and like to draw, please contact Mr. Kabashima, the editor. アシスタント募集!画力に自信のある作画の好きな人編集椛島氏まで、連絡して下さい。

Chapter 6 This week's chapter is partly in color. Even after catching a cold, I'm still going into work and drawing with full enthusiasm. Please, let me know what you think!! 今週はP・C(パートカラー)。風邪をひきながらも、気合いを入れて描きました。ぜひ感想聞かせて!!

Chapter 7 My father's lung surgery was a success! As his unworthy son, I am very relieved. Now, I can devote myself to work. 父の肺の手術が成功!不肖の息子の私もひと安心。これで仕事に気持ちが専念できます。

Chapter 8 Due to Assistant Y's cold, the work place is riddled with masks. I wonder if we can do something about it. アシスタントのY(ワイ)君の風邪で、仕事場はマスク人間だらけ。なんとかならないかなあ。

Chapter 9 I haven't been able to re-watch any of my favorite films in awhile because I've been busy. But I'm definitely going to see Cronenberg's "The Fly" again! 忙しくて大好きな映画も御無沙汰。でもクローネンバーグの『フライ』は絶対見にいくぞ!!

Chapter 10 My short story collection, "Gorgeous Irene", is now on sale in 'Jump Super Comics'! The one-shot B.T. is also included; what a bargain!! JSC(ジャンプスーパーコミックス)で僕の短編集『ゴージャス☆アイリン』発売中!B.T.(ビーティー)の読切も載っててお買得です!!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 11 Assistants Wanted! If you are young and motivated to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor. アシスタント大募集!若くて絵をかくのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(テル)

Chapter 12 I went to a ZZ Top concert! It was really cool and I liked it a lot. ZZ(ジージー)トップ”のコンサートに行ってきました!スゲエかっこよくてあこがれちゃった

Chapter 13 I'm planning to read a lot of horror stories and other materials as reference. If you've got a scary book in mind, please let me know! 資料にとホラー小説など読み漁ります。コワ〜イ本がありましたら、ゼヒ教えて下さい!

Chapter 14 Thanks to you guys, the Gorgeous Irene short story collection is selling very well, so please let me know what you think!! 短編集『ゴージャス☆アイリン』もおかげさまで売れゆき好調ぜひ、感想聞かせて!!

Chapter 15 Apparently my voice sounds similar to Kazuya Kimura. For all you Kazuya fans out there, I would appreciate if you checked out "JoJo"! 僕の声は木村一八によく似ているそうです。一八ファンの皆さんもJOJO(ジョジョ)をよろしく!?

Chapter 16 Next week's chapter is partially in color! My schedule is tight, but I'll just have to roll up my sleeves and get drawing. Please continue to believe in me. 来週はパートカラーです!スケジュールきついけれど気合いを入れて描きます。ヨロシク

Chapter 17 Erina appears after a long absence. Drawing women is pretty difficult for me, so I drew this bichrome chapter as a bonus. Please tell me what you think. 久しぶりにエリナ登場。2C(しよく)でおまけに女性を描くので大変でした。感想聞かせて下さい

Chapter 18 We are looking for assistants. If you are motivated and like to draw pictures, please contact Mr. Kabashima, the editor. アシスタント募集します。絵をかくのが好きなやる気ある人、編集・椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)

Chapter 19 Stephen King's Stand by Me was great! I'd like to produce something like it some day. S(スティーブン)キングの『スタンド・バイ・ミー』は良かった!いつか僕もあんな作品を描いてみたい

Chapter 20 Recently, I've become accustomed to watching films on VHS, however, there's still nothing like watching them on the big screen. 最近すっかりビデオで映画を観るクセがついた。でもやっぱり映画館の大画面がサイコー

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 21 The gang's finally heading to Dio's castle! I'll have to work during the holidays in order to draw the upcoming battle between Sendo and the Stone Mask. I won't be able to do this without your support. いよいよディオの館へ!仙道対石仮面の対決を、連休返上して描くから、応援たのみます

Chapter 22 I finally got my hands on a CD. There's this software rental place in my neighborhood and lately I've been going wild listening to bands like ZZ Top!! CD(コンパクトディスク)をやっと買いました。近所にソフトのレンタルもあり、ZZT(ジージートップ)等を聞き狂ってます!!

Chapter 23 Maybe it's because I grew up in the north, but I don't like summer. Hopefully the weather stays nice... I'm already planning my summer getaway. 北国育ちのせいか夏は苦手。今ぐらいの陽気が続くといいんだけど…今から避暑の準備だ

Chapter 24 I'd like to move to an office that isn't so cramped. Preferably one away from the city and at a much cooler and higher elevation. 仕事場が狭いので引っ越しをしたい。いっそ都会を離れて涼しい高台にでも引っこむか

Chapter 25 I'm in a student district workplace, but I really want to move, because, inconveniently, there's no restaurants or art supply stores open at midnight! 仕事場はある学生街にあるが、深夜の飲食店や、画材屋もなしと非常に不便引越したい!

Chapter 26 It's been a while since I've been to an athletic club! That pleasant ache from your muscles after a workout gives quite the high. I want to go every day! 久しぶりにアスレチックC(クラブ)に!運動後の心地よい筋肉痛は、とても快感。毎日行きたい!!

Chapter 27 The showdown between Sendo and the Stone Mask is at its peak! Thanks to the unintentional strain from using a pen, I now have a giant callus on my hand! 仙道と石仮面の対決も最高潮!思わずペンに力が入るおかげで手に巨大なペンダコが!!

Chapter 28 I'm surprised at the recent Billiards craze. Not long ago the place was rundown... now it's crowded and you have to wait your turn! 最近のビリヤード・ブームには驚く。ちょっと前までガラガラ…、今は混んで順番待ち!

Chapter 29 Assistants wanted! If you are a young and motivated person who loves to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor!! アシスタント募集!絵を描くのが好きな若くてやる気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)を!!

Chapter 30 About when I was a kid, I won a bicycle as a prize from Jump, and even now, I still use it. I feel like it's wondrously connected through Fate. 子供の頃ジャンプの懸賞で自転車が当り、今でも使っている。不思議な因縁を感じます。

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 31 Assistant Yasutomi's work will be featured in the Summer Special. Please support him, dear readers! アシの安富君の作品が増刊S・S(サマースペシャル)に掲載されます。読者の皆さん、応援してあげて下さい

Chapter 32 Assistants wanted! If you feel like drawing pictures is your favorite thing to do, call Mr. Kabashima of the editing department!! アシスタント募集!絵を描くのが好きな若くてやる気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)を!!

Chapter 33 Finally, Volume 1 will be released on 8/10. By all means, please read it!! ついにコミック第1巻が8月10日に発売されます。ぜひ、ぜひ御一読のほどよろしく!!

Chapter 34 Assistants wanted! If you are young and love to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor! アシスタント募集!若くて絵を描くのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(テル)を!!

Chapter 35 With Dio's reappearance next week, the story will finally progress toward his final meeting with JoJo. Thank you for your support! 来週からディオ再登場で、いよいよジョジョとの結着に向け物語は展開。応援よろしく!

Chapter 36 Thank you very much for writing in the get-well letters. It's encouragement for me to be persistent on next issue's part color chapter. 暑中見舞いのお便りたくさんありがとう。はげみにして次号のパートカラーがんばります

Chapter 37 What'd you think of the colored pages?! It was tough, given the schedule, but it was fun to draw, so let me know what you think!! パートカラーいかがでしたか!?S(スケジュール)きつかったけど、楽しんで描きました、感想きかせて!!

Chapter 38 Assistants very much wanted! If you are young and love to draw, call Mr. Kabashima, the editor. アシスタント大募集!若くて絵を描くのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)

Chapter 39 As we gain more assistants, the workplace becomes more cramped, so we've planned to move soon. I wonder if this'll be a good idea. アシスタントも増えて、仕事場が狭くなったので、近く引越しの予定。いいとこないかナ

Chapter 40 I'm glad that it's finally getting cooler, so now I can focus on my work. Autumn is my favorite season. ようやく涼しくなってきて嬉しい。秋は一番好きな季節なので、仕事にも力が入ります。

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 41 I finally moved to the next town over. The housing situation in Tokyo is still really cramped and expensive, though. 隣り町へついに引っ越し完了。それにしても東京の住宅事情は、狭い高いであきれます。

Chapter 42 My new work space is next to a fitness center! If I go every day, my stamina is going to shoot straight UP! 新しい仕事場のとなりは、アスレチック・ジム!これなら毎日通って、体力UP(アップ)なのだ!!

Chapter 43 The end of Part 1 of JoJo is just around the corner! I'm doing my best to write an emotional climax!! いよいよ『ジョジョ』の第1部終了も間近に!感動のクライマックスに向け、鋭意執筆中!!

Chapter 44 Jonathan's courageous death ends Part 1! However, I've already started writing the concept for Part 2, so please look forward to it. ジョナサンの勇壮な死によって第1部完!でもすでに第2部構想執筆中です。御期待下さい

Volume 1

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
Put simply, this work is about what it means to live. I want to examine two ways of living through the two main characters. By depicting the conflict between humans and inhuman creatures, I aim to sing an ode to humanity. This work was made for your enjoyment, and I hope you like it. Without further ado...

Volume 2

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
It was New Year, around 20 years ago. My grandfather and I went to the cemetery to steal bamboo vases used to hold flowers. My grandfather then broke them into long, thin sticks and made me a kite around 60 centimeters wide. On the front of the kite, he painted in ink the character for "fly" (飛). It was a simple but incredible kite, and it survived the strongest winds. I have a lot of respect for my grandfather. Take care always, Grandpa!

Volume 3

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
I'm often asked by my friends, "If your house was on fire, what would you take?". Let me see... (time passes). Nothing! I wouldn't take a thing. Not my treasures, luxury goods, my Koseki autograph or even regrets. None of them. That's pretty sad. Well, I thought about it and searched for something desperately... There is one thing. What is it? (To be continued in Volume 4.)

Volume 4

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
My most valuable possession? That would be the 900 yen notebook, my diary for the two months between June and August 1979. I started this diary after reading the published diary of some writer. When I read this diary now, my past self, my friends from the past are all in there. I find it interesting and am moved to the point of tears.

Volume 5

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
I really enjoy reading fan letters. Often, they are filled with a whole lot of stuff not at all related to readers' thoughts about JoJo, including things like self-profiles, school life and hobbies. I've found myself searching for that type of letter first. Just as readers want to know the fate of JoJo, so too do I want to know what kind of people those readers are.

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