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posted 842 days ago

Please don't upload Youtube screenshots for ASB/EoH. We can get higher quality pictures. MistaHolmes was working on that in his spare time.

posted 1114 days ago

Hi Again.

I noticed today you uploaded some gifs to Creams OVA gallery. Well, for starters the gifs were very big in file size and caused the entire wiki servers to overload and crash, from uploading large megabyte files back to back. So could you please maybe refrain from editing just OVA stuff? As I said to you months ago that I'm gonna handle ALL OVA related media. You give images/gifs very bad filenames and grammar too which just makes even more work for me to go over.

Could you join the Wiki's Discord Sever too so it's easier for Wiki admins to communicate with you when I'm not online? Thanks.

posted 1123 days ago

Thanks for the response. I seriously thought it was a keyframe from Ep. 11 because of the lighting was similar to when he was shadowed.

posted 1123 days ago

What timestamp in Episode 11 is this from? Is it just a random singular frame? Thanks.

posted 1240 days ago

Can you please not upload screenshots from youtube onto the wiki, they look really bad. Also, all the ps2 screenshots you've uploaded are using a fan made English patch, so they're gonna need to be deleted or replaced. Thank you.

JoJo Wiki:Image Policy

posted 1242 days ago

I have the exact same OVA's downloaded and the quality of images I've uploaded aren't like that. Are you using just a regular video player and using Printscreen? (Screenshot button on your keyboard) If so that's probably why the quality looks bad

posted 1243 days ago

Hey once I again, I'm slightly bothered by the OVA images you've been uploading. The quality is really bad and pixelated. The reason why the Part 3 OVA characters Galleries were empty is because I had to make 1993 & 2000 tabbers and I've been busy with other stuff, so if you could leave the screenshots to me that'd be great.

posted 1246 days ago

Thanks for understanding. Much appreciated.

posted 1247 days ago

I wrote on your board a week ago about how you should upload a NEWER version of infobox images instead of overwriting them with your own. This abandons the previous image that was linked prior to your edit, making your image only show on the main page and not on different language/linked pages. Listen to my advice and stop this please, just simply upload a new version on the current infoboxes page of whatever respective character it belongs to, by simply clicking the FILE PAGE button on the bottom left of the image when you open it.

posted 1257 days ago

Hello I noticed you keep uploading and abandoning older files for OVA infobox images. Could you perhaps go the the original's file page and upload a newer version from there instead of overwriting it with your own? As this leaves the previous file in a limbo and makes it harder to find and delete. Thanks.