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About Me

Ayo, I'm Waifuzu, but you can call me Waifu or WP!! I chose this name back in 2020 because I thought it sounded funny, now I regret it lol. I'm an art, history and philosophy lover, and I like watching animes and learn new things everyday. My favorite JoJo part is JoJolion, although I like every single one of them[1]. JoJo changed my life for the better and helped me to view things in a different way[2], so I will always be grateful to Araki-sensei and what he created. Last, but not least, I'm in love with Bruno Bucciarati, and I think he's the most handsome fictional character ever created hehe.

Well then, if you need help I'm always here. Cheers!

My Favorites

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Crying little boy.png This mf


  1. except Battle Tendency hehe
  2. didn't cure my depression yet tho lul