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South King Street (サウス・キング・ストリート, Sausu Kingu Sutorīto), originally titled The Japanese Man on Hawaii Island (ハワイ島にいる日本人, Hawai-tō ni Iru Nihonjin), is the second chapter of The JOJOLands and the nine hundred fifty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.

This chapter was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Ultra Jump, alongside the fourteenth chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.


At South King Street on Oahu, a woman rides her bicycle to Jodio, who is sitting by a tree. She introduces herself as a friend of Kate's and asks him for drugs since she has a big test on the weekend, but Jodio has no idea who Kate is and tells her to get lost. As the woman is about to leave, Jodio calls her back asking if she's already giving up. He mentions that he feels like he lent her money before and directs her to pay him back by putting money in a coffee can that's on top of a nearby bench. Jodio narrates that he only makes sales in his school's courtyard with people he knows so he could be safer, but Meryl Mei often tells him to branch out to others like university students.

The woman asks how many grams she could get for a hundred dollars, but Jodio refuses to answer unless she pays first. Jodio suspects that she's a police officer, pointing out that her bike and helmet is suspicious and probably has a camera or microphone installed. Moreover, he thinks the nearby ice cream truck secretly contains cops that are working with her. Annoyed, the woman declares she doesn't want to buy from him anymore. However, before she leaves, she reveals that police officers are legally not allowed to lie if they are doing an undercover investigation, otherwise anything they recorded with their lie could not be submitted as evidence in court. She goads Jodio into asking whether she is a police officer, to which she denies and declares she's just an ordinary university student as she drops money into Jodio's can.

Satisfied, Jodio tells her to walk past the statue of King Kamehameha. After she does, Paco arrives on his electric scooter to inform her that she's stepping on the goods. As soon as she finds the bag of drugs under a leaf, she immediately pulls out a gun and her police badge from her helmet, revealing that she actually was an undercover cop for the DEA. She places them under arrest while police officers storm out of the ice cream truck to pin down Jodio and Paco. She reveals that her bike's headlight recorded audio and video of everything Jodio just said and did, and now they also have hard evidence with the bag of drugs. Their goal is to track down the boss of the gang, since the teens are just gofers. The cop pinning down Jodio asks if Jodio remembers him from before, taunting him by asking how his cute big brother is doing. He threatens to take both brothers to a dark room and molest them.

Although Jodio wants to kill them, he figures he'll let them go and simply gets rid of their evidence by using November Rain. The rain makes all the drugs spill out, but doesn't harm the police officers aside from soaking them and slightly crushing holes in their shoes. They all run away in fear from the rain. Paco is amazed to see Jodio's ability and is impressed.

Jodio brings up a moment from the past when he was forced to pay for mental counseling at his school, where the psychotherapists diagnosed him with antisocial personality disorder as he had 18 out of the 20 diagnostic criteria. His mother, Barbara Ann, didn't believe the diagnosis and demanded a refund for the screening. Jodio is sure he can become happy if he works hard, but he hates running into people like those police officers who don't play fair.

At Kona Airport on the Big Island, the gang's new ally arrives and apologizes for being late since his flight got delayed. Dragona is upset since getting the car ready was their new ally's job, so the three of them were stuck waiting for him. Their ally says that it is fine since it is only the afternoon and he knows a safe rental car place with no hidden cameras or navigation history. Paco asks what the boy's name is, to which Jodio replies that it's "Usagi Alohaoe". Usagi enthusiastically mentions all of their ages, revealing that he's 17 years old. Paco thinks that he's probably on drugs, but Dragona and Jodio believe they should trust in Meryl Mei since she vouched for him.

They manage to rent a car for the day and drive to their target's villa. Dragona mentions that the person has been staying in their house all alone even though the weather is nice outside. Jodio points out that even if the person doesn't go out, there's a garden with a poolside table having various drinks, a towel, and an iPad on the chair, which means they go out to use their pool. The villa has five beds, a study, six bathrooms, and a second floor. Jodio is also sure that there is only one person in the house, the Japanese homeowner. They decide to make their move once the person goes into the pool, hoping to find the diamond within 15 minutes. Paco plans to search their master bedroom first, in case there's a safe in it.

Dragona asks them to wear their earphones and masks, as well as not to mention any names when they're talking wirelessly. Usagi decides to call them by colored codenames, declaring Dragona as "Pink-chan" and calling himself "Blue", but Paco shuts him up. Usagi spots a security camera and orders Dragona to say "I want cameras", since Usagi cannot do it himself for his ability. Dragona does so and Usagi's Stand reveals itself. A bird-like creature hops up to the camera and makes a clone of it. Called "THE MATTEKUDASAI", the Stand has the ability to use anything that exists to transform itself into what somebody other than Usagi wants it to be. The wish created a separate camera, with one recording showing real images while the other shows fake ones. As there's no way to figure out which camera shows their real faces, the tourist would not be able to use these recordings as proof of a crime. The group walks past the cameras, with the right camera recording their disguised faces.

While the tourist is swimming in the pool, Jodio uses binoculars and realizes who it is. It's a famous guy whose books Jodio has at home, and whose anime adaptations he always watches online. The group's target is revealed to be the manga artist Rohan Kishibe.


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