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Jotaro Kujo locks himself in a jail, claiming that he has been possessed.
Jotaro: Something evil is inside of me... Leave me alone.
Holy: Jotaro...
Holy: I'd better tell his grandfather about this.

Joseph: Jotaro, come out! You're coming home with me.
Jotaro: I'm not going anywhere.
Joseph: Alright, have it your way. Avdol, see if you can't persuade him.
Avdol: I may have to get rough with him...
Joseph: I don't care! Just get him out!
Jotaro: You'll regret doing that.

DIO: No... It can't be! How could I lose! AAAGHK!!
Jotaro: This is what happens when you piss me off.

By transfusing the blood of DIO, Joseph has been revived...
Jotaro: Now, my debt to DIO has been paid!
Jotaro places DIO's body under the light of the sun. DIO is reduced to ashes.
Jotaro: It's over.
Joseph: And we're alive, thanks to our friends. Kakyoin, Iggy, Avdol... Thank you. We couldn't have done it without you.
At the airport, Jotaro and Joseph prepare to return to Japan.
Joseph: I'll miss you. Really... I will.
Polnareff: Call me anytime if you need me. I'm here for ya!
Joseph: Even after all of the problems, I feel I enjoyed this experience.
Polnareff: Take care, you old timer and his cheap grandson! Don't ever forget about me!
Joseph: See you later! That is, if you don't hate me... You weird-haired freak!
Jotaro: Your "wonderful" personality will keep me from forgetting you! Good luck!
Holy: Dad and Jotaro are coming back...? Yes! They're finally coming home!