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This is a list of unnamed characters found in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline. Unnamed characters with enough notability are given their own articles, marked in blue.

The JOJOLands

Hawaii GangsterLink to this section
Hawaii Gangster.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
A gangster operating in Oahu. Jodio and Dragona deliver drugs to them and he gives them the payment. When he asks the siblings if they know anything about a police car that has been burned on a road, the two shrug and play dumb.
Jodio and Dragona's FatherLink to this section
Jodio and Dragona's Father.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure (Mentioned only) / The JOJOLands Chapter 13: "The Absurd Event That Happened to Me That Year" (1st full appearance) (Flashback)
The husband of Barbara Ann Joestar and father of Jodio and Dragona Joestar. He and Barbara have a strained relationship. He works for an insurance company. When Dragona is 14 and Jodio is 11, Dragona stays home from school one day after being bullied. To punish his elder brother's bully and the bystander classmates, Jodio sets the whole school bus on fire from within. He eventually lets the fire out, but everyone is hospitalized with major burns. The arsonist is never caught, but a few months later, the bully's wealthy parents force the insurance company to pay ten times the regular amount to the bus company. Jodio and Dragona's father is cornered and agrees to pay it. However, the insurance company pushes the blame onto him for agreeing and fires him. He feels that he could no longer live in Hawaii and leaves home, living separately from his wife and children.
Bullied BoyLink to this section
JOJOLands Bullied Boy.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
A boy shown being tripped over and having water poured over his head by other students. Jodio comments on him being physically larger than himself, as well as probably being smart with plenty money from his parents, yet he ends up getting bullied whilst Jodio has gained the recognition and trust of others.
Paco's FatherLink to this section
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure (Mentioned only)
Little is known about Paco Laburantes's father aside from his abusive behavior. In one incident with his son, he bit off a piece of Paco's left ear.
Undercover DEA AgentLink to this section
DEA Agent.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
A woman working as a DEA agent and posing as a college student who wants to buy drugs. She contacts Jodio through a mutual acquaintance named "Kate" and goes to meet Jodio to arrest him the moment they complete the sale. Jodio is initially suspicious but she claims that if she were a police officer, then she would have to confirm it if Jodio asked her the question. Jodio asks her and she lies. When Jodio and Paco give her a bag of drugs, she takes out a gun and arrests Jodio and Paco, but Jodio uses November Rain to destroy the evidence.
Beach WomenLink to this section
Beach Women.png
Two adult women headed to a beach on Hawaii Island. They flirt with Jodio, inviting him to join them in their float that fits three people. However, Dragona calls Jodio away. The women leave once they see Jodio has friends with him.
Usagi's MotherLink to this section
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 8: Hualalai - Cat Size, Part 3 (Mentioned only)
The widowed mother of Usagi Alohaoe living in Oahu. After her husband got hit by a bus during work and passed away, she received the insurance money.
Usagi's FatherLink to this section
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 8: Hualalai - Cat Size, Part 3 (Mentioned only)
The father of Usagi Alohaoe. He was a construction worker in Oahu but was hit by a bus and passed away.
Leo's GirlfriendLink to this section
Leo GF Infobox.png
The girlfriend of Leo, who receives an $80,000 watch from him purchased from Diamotch. She thanks him and later asks him to put sunscreen on her back as they sit at a table. Dragona misperceives her putting her expensive watch on a dirty napkin and gets angry, but in actuality, she was wearing it the whole time.[1] She and her boyfriend return back to their car and he complains to her for sticking her fingers in weird places on his body while putting sunscreen on. She then tells him that it's time to take her snorkeling. However, Leo is unable to drive as Jodio and his friends are standing in front of his car, so he complains to them to move. Paco asks Leo and his girlfriend to show their ankles so he could check if they're injured like their assailant.

Jodio opens the door on her side and finds their assailant fused with the door, who is about to stab Leo's girlfriend. Jodio stops him by kicking her away, but the assailant shatters the door's window with his knife and escapes. Leo berates Jodio for assaulting his girlfriend and breaking his car's window. Suddenly, his girlfriend's watch falls off her wrist and bounces off Leo's foot, sliding toward the beach. Leo tries looking for the watch in the water while his girlfriend insults him and complains that he lost it. She decides to leave him, announcing she'll get a ride with someone else instead.[2]

Mysterious PullerLink to this section
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 12: Charming Man
A mysterious person inside of a lava tube pulling Mauka away.
Airport HawkerLink to this section
Airport Hawker Infobox.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 12: Charming Man
A hawker who talks to Dragona Joestar and Usagi Alohaoe at Kona Airport. He presents them a number of goods hidden under his coat, claiming that they're all genuine articles. Among them is a precious wristwatch from Diamotch bound to the Lava Rock. Since the watch is broken and has fallen into the sea, the hawker is forced to downgrade his price from $80,000 to $30.
Police Rescue WorkerLink to this section
Police Rescue Worker Infobox.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 12: Charming Man
A rescuer working for the Hawaii Police Department who participated in the short-lived rescue operations to find Mauka at Hualalai. As the rescue operation is cancelled, the rescuer dismisses Charming Man's worries and implies that Charming Man may even be guilty of making his brother disappear.
Dragona's ClassmatesLink to this section
Dragona's Classmates.png
Around twenty classmates of Dragona Joestar from McKinley High School when Dragona is 14 years old. A few of them start laughing after Dragona accidentally hits a girl's face with the volleyball during gym class. On the school bus back home, some of them refuse to let Dragona sit beside them, with excuses like the seat is reserved for someone else. When Dragona's bully starts demanding for them to compensate her for the ice cream he sat on, a male classmate tells Dragona how her parents are wealthy and can influence the school's decisions. He asks the girl to let this situation go but she continues harassing Dragona. When she starts stripping Dragona, that student facepalms. Meanwhile, the other classmates laugh and take photos on their phones. The bully announces to them that she will be drawing a bra on Dragona using her eyelash curler, so one of them holds Dragona down to allow her to.

The next day, Jodio sets their bus on fire when Dragona stays home from school. All of them panic to get out and are eventually hospitalized with major burns.

School Bus DriverLink to this section
School Bus Driver.png
A school bus driver at McKinley High School. She apparently is sick with a high fever but is forced to work by the bus company. On that day, Jodio sets the bus on fire. The bus driver is presumably hospitalized with major burns along with the teacher and students.
Dragona's TeacherLink to this section
Dragona's Teacher.png
The teacher of Dragona's class at McKinley High School. He is considered a bad teacher by one of the students. He doesn't remember Dragona's name, calling them "Dragomi". Although he asks his students to be nice to Dragona since Dragona just transferred to that school from New Jersey, he ignores the bullying. Instead, he lectures a kid for bringing a parrot to school. He is hospitalized with major burns after Jodio sets the bus on fire the next day.
Hawaiian ParrotLink to this section
Hawaiian Parrot.png
A parrot that a kid with a knit cap from Dragona's class brings to school. Jodio sees it through the window trying to escape the bus after he set it on fire, so he decides to put the flames out himself with November Rain.
Bully's ParentsLink to this section
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 13: "The Absurd Event That Happened to Me That Year" (Flashback) (Mentioned only)
The wealthy parents of a girl who goes to McKinley High School and bullies Dragona. They contribute a lot of money to the school and are capable of affecting how successful the teachers, bus company, and bus drivers are. They can affect layoff discussions and even forcefully cause an insurance company to pay ten times the usual amount to the bus company after their daughter suffers from burns in the school bus arson incident.
Land Registry Office GuardsLink to this section
Land Registry Office Guards.png
Security guards working at the Hawaii State Land Registry Office. They crowd around Usagi when he spills his food. However, they leave him be.[3] Dragona suspects that they might be behind the attack on Usagi, but Charming Man doubts that they are Stand users.[4]. Later, the security guards are shown to be familar with both those working for HOWLER, as well as the organisation's controversies. They welcome both Bobby Jean and Bags' Groove's User and allow them to search camera footage for the building. Eventually one even gifts Bags' Groove's User a Hula NYAN Dancer (Albeit after plenty of persistence and bribery on Bobby Jean's behalf).[5]
Congressman White's AssistantLink to this section
White's Associate Infobox.png
A composed man who works for Congressman White. He urges him to be rational despite the attack on his daughter, and attempts to keep him composed and to deliberate himself before signing the papers to seize HOWLER's deeds. However, Congressman White ignores his warnings and signs it regardless.[5]


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