The JOJOLands - Chapter 7

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Hualalai - Cat Size, Part 2 (フアラライ山 - キャット・サイズ その②, Fuararai-san - Kyatto Saizu Sono 2), originally titled Jungle Warfare, Part 2 (ジャングルの攻防 その②, Janguru no Kōbō Sono 2), is the seventh chapter of The JOJOLands and the nine hundred sixty fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Dangling from a tree branch, Jodio wonders why a cat would bother attacking them. The floating wires slice through trees and head for Paco and Dragona from behind the bushes. Dragona tells Jodio to break the branch he's hanging from, but Jodio's November Rain can't reach it since it's too high up. Being 7 meters away, Jodio is shocked to think that the cat considered Jodio's distance to the branch when launching its attack. Paco grabs a pair of scissors and uses THE Hustle to climb up the tree with his back muscles. He manages to cut off the wire from Jodio's ankle using the scissors, but they suddenly notice that the cat had climbed up the tree. They also see that there is not one cat, but three.

The cats rapidly shake their tails, turning their fur into wires. Several wires attack Jodio, Paco, and Dragona, wrapping around them. Dragona attempts to use Smooth Operators but can't slide the wires off. Strangled by the wires, Paco and Dragona nearly lose consciousness. Jodio manages to swing himself up and uses November Rain to fire rain in front of him toward one cat. The rain shoots the cat away, loosening one cat's worth of wires around Paco and Dragona. This enrages the other two cats, who both create a large bundle of wires from all the fur on their bodies. The fur forms a net, which they use to capture Jodio and Paco together. As Dragona screams out Jodio's name as all hope seems lost, the rental car rams into the tree, knocking the cats down. The net loosens when the cats lose their balance. Usagi reveals himself, surprising Paco that he actually came back.

Usagi tells Dragona to ask for a net so that THE MATTEKUDASAI can transform into one. Paco yells out for Usagi to not just stand there since the cats will attack him, but Usagi reveals his plan. The reason why he went back to the car wasn't to run away. At the airport, he bought burgers at a shop thinking he would eat them later. He was considering putting drugs into the patties and having the cats eat it, but instead put in caviar that he stole from Rohan's house. Cats love caviar and about 40 grams of it would cost $400. He fed the burgers to the cats when they were on the ground earlier. Jodio notices that Usagi is also holding the Lava Rock in his hand. Dragona tells Usagi about wanting a net, allowing THE MATTEKUDASAI to transform into one. The two cats charge toward Usagi, but he drops the Lava Rock to the ground, which causes the cats to slip and fall toward the Rock. By becoming valuable themselves after being fed caviar, the cats were being drawn to the Rock by going in the direction of the most valuable thing. Usagi successfully captures both of them with THE MATTEKUDASAI as a net.

Jodio thinks back to how Rohan told him not to tell anything he knows about the Lava Rock to his allies. However, he thinks that even if he doesn't speak about it, something was watching Rohan even before they got to his villa.


Rohan Kishibe (The JOJOLands)

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The heat's been so awful this year, it feels like it's trying to take me out. I barely have any means to defend myself from it. I even tried to run into the woods, but it was full of wasps.
今年は本当に生命的な暑さでヤバいです。 個人的対策はほぼ無い。森に逃げたけれどスズメバチ居るし。



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