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posted 187 days ago

For infoboxes you would have to manually make the pages without the translate extension. For example: Go to Template:Character Info and copy everything. Then go to Template:Character Info/pt-br, paste everything, and then you could translate the labels.

On Jonathan's page, you would then change the Character Info template to Character Info/pt-br.

posted 187 days ago

My other message didn't post the code properly. If you want to translate a page that doesn't have "Translate this page" at the top, you could add these: <translate> at the top of the page and </translate> at the bottom.

Then put <languages /> in the Site Navigation section.

Thanks for your work on the Jonathan page so far!

posted 188 days ago

See any of the translated pages for an example: Jonathan_Joestar These pages will say "Mark this page for translation" or "Translate this page" at the top. Click that and you can choose the language.

If it doesn't say that, then you can add the translation feature to the article manually by putting <translate> to the top of the page and </translate> at the bottom. Then add <languages /> to the Sites Navigation section to make a language switching box.

After that, it will say at the top "Mark this page for translation". Click that and then you can translate the page.