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Hey ya, my name is THGNSS (Tエイトギネス T Eitoginesu), and I'm a huge fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In order to help the lusophone community to understand all of the series, I'm translating some content of this wiki.

Currently, I have 560 edits here.

About me

My real name is Thiago Andriola (チアゴ・アンドリオラ Chiago Andoriora). I was born in Santo André, a city of the Greater São Paulo, in 2001. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was introducted in my life in 2019, and I became a content creator of the series.

I have a YouTube Channel with 1,2K subscribers, where I post Stand Eye Catches videos and music remixes. I also have an Instagram account just to post all of my artworks.

Unfortunately, I ain't have so much time for my hobbies, so my number of contributions on this wiki is very low. This is so sad =[

Favorite Characters

To Do List (Translation)

  • All Stardust Crusaders episodes pages.
  • All other parts episodes pages.
  • Minor characters/Stand pages.
  • Minor misc pages.
  • Ending themes pages.
  • Categories pages.

Major Contributions

Character Pages

Series Pages

Stand Pages

Misc Pages

Music Pages