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Sox (ソックス, Sokkusu) or Soxz is a JoJo Wiki user. He seldom translates Wiki pages to Brazilian-Portuguese and also edits pages to correct minor spelling mistakes or add information. It is also notable that he is engaged to Power from the Chainsaw Man manga series.



To Do List

  • Translate all main heroes and allies's pages
  • Translate all History pages
  • Complete translation of pages I left incomplete, as well as provide links for the ones I didn't provide
    • Individual Part pages not included... maybe...
  • Translate all Part 6 main character and Stand pages (done)
  • Translate all Part 8 main character pages (done)
  • Translate all Part 5 main character pages (done) (kinda need to finish trish's page though...)
  • Translate all JoJo and main villain's Stands (done)


most of the brazilian-portuguese pages and mostly minor stuff in normal pages (10,989 edits)

Stuff I Did Besides Translations


Most favorites are in the left and least in the right, unless specified otherwise
yeah i used nabu's page as a template for this lol