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They're pretty good musicians, but it don't make no difference if they're good musicians. Because anybody who would buy this record doesn't give a fuck if there's good musicians on it. Because this is a stupid song AND THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT!

User:Rez is some guy idk not my problem lmfao he might be somewhere in these pages. I just translate pages sometimes, User:Wavpro does the real carrying tbf. so far i have maybe 817 edits? Idk man i lost count as 7.

I like to mess around and do dumb shit for shits n giggles, don't shit and giggle. I do a LOT of dumb shit, so incredibly stupid you should probably not read anything on here.

Day 206 of waiting for Hamon Beat to make a new video about the jojowiki as the old one is not only just outdated but also didn't get that many views.

Rez' whereabouts (who knows lmfao)


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