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The characters speak long lines during battle. There are quite a few of them, actually, and the dialogue is different between Super Story and Another Story. In addition, the dialogue changes based on the situation during battle. [...] It might be interesting to find out where in the original the line you're hearing comes from, wouldn't it?
—Norimasa Sankoda, GioGio's Bizarre Adventure OST

In GioGio's Bizarre Adventure, characters can speak several lines of dialogue during battle, which change depending on the situation. While Super Story Mode battles have specific dialogue written for each stage, Another Story Mode fights instead use individual character lines, depending on which characters are being used in the battle.

In this blogpost, I will try to document which chapter each of the lines in the player text files come from.

Player 00 / Giorno's Quotes

Quote.png Quotes
  • Weird, this enemy is too passive! It's almost like... He came here to be defeated...
    —Chapter 533: Notorious B.I.G, Part 1
  • If I keep getting hit by his attack... things'll get bad!
  • People... learn more often from failure, than from success or victory!
    —Chapter 505: Baby Face, Part 6
  • In the end... Will you be able to escape annihilation?
  • Thanks to you... it looks like I was able to grow a little bit more...
    —Chapter 504: Baby Face, Part 5
  • I feel the birth of something new! I sense the birth of something newer and greater than before!!
    —Chapter 504: Baby Face, Part 5
  • It would have been better... If you had used your hand to protect your body, rather than to attack me.
    —Chapter 505: Baby Face, Part 6
  • It hate it because it's useless, useless, useless...
    —Chapter 441: Gold Experience, Part 2
  • There's no other choice... But to take him out!?
  • Actually I want to eat pizza too, when we return to our hometown in Neapolis... A simple Pizza Margherita...
    —Chapter 534: Notorious B.I.G, Part 2
  • To fate we are sleeping slaves... I'll definitely get free from that!
  • Was it none the worse for wear!?
  • Only those with resolve can clear a path through the darkness!
    —Chapter 514: White Album, Part 6
  • Righteous actions born from reality will never be destroyed!
  • This is ominous! This atmosphere feels quite bizarre!
    —Chapter 503: Baby Face, Part 4

Player 01 / Buccellati's Quotes

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