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  • 16:59, 20 July 2024 - Joxxity commented on TJL Chapter 17: Mack looks like Joshu but old man
  • 22:30, 19 July 2024 - Th3 rabbit commented on Acca Howler: bro gotta be a Zeppeli
  • 20:54, 19 July 2024 - Gascoigne commented on Acca Howler: It is interesting to me how his design features Gyro imagery; the beard, the many circles all over his body which kind of invokes Gyro's balls, and his reveal is kind of similar to Gyro's as well. He's introduced as a goofball but he's revealed to be a scary man. Where Gyro killed a guy without even flinching, Howler ordered the death of 5 randoms in a heartbeat. I think it would be awesome if he's revealed to be a Zeppeli, and have a more violent version of the JoJo vs Zeppeli that Joseph and Caesar had. Where he's mad at Johnny's bloodline because of what happened to Gyro.
  • 01:20, 12 July 2024 - Vish commented on Foo Fighters (Stand): Pucci put a Stand DISC into a colony of plankton which gave the colony intellect, developing their own personality as the character Foo Fighters. That's why F.F. tells Jolyne that even if she puts the Stand DISC into someone else, it wouldn't be her anymore since the new user with the Stand wouldn't have the same memories.
  • 10:37, 11 July 2024 - Sansinator commented on Foo Fighters (Stand): how is this stand a disc if its user is itself, is the disc itself a stand?
  • 15:36, 5 July 2024 - FTR commented on Minor Items/Part 5: No
  • 14:03, 5 July 2024 - WhaddonCraig commented on Minor Items/Part 5: I feel like Mista's gun should have its own page. For an item that is so heavily related to the user and used in every fight they do, it should be classified as a major item, especially when Clackers and Luck/Pluck have their own pages.

    Narancia's switchblade would be an ideal replacement.

  • 15:07, 4 July 2024 - Doppioxdiavolo4eva commented on The Grateful Dead: The hottest stand... I couldnt watch that fight
  • 08:10, 29 June 2024 - TSpoon commented on Jonathan Joestar: he didn't technically ever have his stand though, right?
  • 05:37, 29 June 2024 - Sansinator commented on Jonathan Joestar: shouldnt he have a thing for his stand in his bio