Kailua-Kona - Flight Waiting Time (story arc)

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Kailua-Kona - Flight Waiting Time (カイルア・コナ - フライト待ち時間, Kairua Kona - Furaito Machijikan) is the third story arc of The JOJOLands.

The alleged owner of the Lava Rock reveals that he was disguised as Paco and strikes Jodio. The real Paco fends against his imposter, discovering the man has sand-like skin.


Wondering about her children's whereabouts, Barbara Ann calls Jodio, since Dragona wasn't answering the call. Jodio assures her they are just on the island of Hawaii, and that Dragona's phone is likely on airplane mode. Barbara wanted to know what to make for dinner and suggests chicken burritos, which Jodio agrees to.

Meanwhile, Paco suspects that the mafia is involved in their recent threat and speculates about whether the Lava Rock belonged to the person watching them. Jodio recalls a map on Rohan's iPad, indicating the possible source of the Lava Rocks. Despite Paco's suggestion to return the Lava Rock, Jodio insists on keeping it, suspecting their enemy lacks knowledge of its powers and might also target the stolen diamond rather than only the Lava Rock.

At Diamotch, Usagi and Dragona face accusations of stealing an expensive watch. Dragona, puzzled by the watch's disappearance, realizes that their Stand, Smooth Operators, might have moved it unconsciously, similar to an earlier incident with the diamond rolling around at Rohan's house. The security finds no watch on Dragona, but Usagi points out that it is on the clerk's shoelace, slipping away mysteriously. Usagi and Dragona leave, understanding that valuable items seem to return to the Lava Rock due to people's emotions and connections.

Suddenly, another Paco arrives with the food, leading Jodio to realize that the person with him the whole time was an imposter. The imposter berates Jodio for not returning the Lava Rock when he had the chance, and promptly slashes his neck.[1]

Paco confronts his impersonator. Using THE Hustle, Paco defends himself and fights back, noticing the enemy's skin feels like sand. He deduces the enemy's ability to distort perception, connecting it to the sand-like fragments floating around the man's body. Usagi and Dragona exit Diamotch, discussing the legality of their actions with the Lava Rock. They join Jodio and Paco, who updates them about the mafia attack. However, Paco feels the enemy's moves are too amateurish for a mafioso.

A nearby couple draws their attention as they possess the watch drawn to the Lava Rock. Dragona gets upset thinking the woman has poor hygiene when handling the watch, but is distracted when a bird seemingly flies off with it. This turns out to be an illusion by the enemy, as the real watch was still on the woman's wrist. The enemy emerges from the birds and clouds in the surroundings to pierce Dragona's neck and seize the Lava Rock. Jodio reacts quickly with November Rain to prevent the enemy's escape, and Dragona, severely injured, uses Smooth Operators in an attempt to treat their wound.[2]


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