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I've Quit.

I've Quit the JoJo Wiki, and This Account Will Not Be Used for Any Major Edits, This Account Is Not Dead, Just Not Used How It Was Originally Used. I Finished What I Started, In Making The Merchandise Section Of the Wiki Accurate & Complete, and Because of the Animals This Wiki Calls Users.

I Have Nothing Else to Do Here Except Maybe Make Small Edits, Or Browse the Site If I Need to See Something.

I Loved Working Here for the Fact That I Knew I Would Be Giving People Accurate Information, But While I Enjoyed This, I Didn't Enjoy The Countless People Who Harassed & Bullied Me During My Time Here, From the Horrid Discord Server, to The Site Itself.

I Understand That I Was Annoying When I Was First On the JJBE Discord Server, But When I Tried to Tell You I Had Matured When I Came Back, You Acted Like Rabbid Dogs.

I Never Meant Any Harm or Foul Play, I Just Wanted to Be Apart of the Community, But For Some Reason You Animals Couldn't Allow That.

To Chritin, Bubblegumrebel, & Vish, Thanks For Actually Being Nice to Me. and Vish, Even Though You Never Lent a Hand When Effect-Kun, Abused His Admins Powers Against Me, and Tried to Scrub Me From the Fist of the North Star Wiki (, Your Still Cool With Me.

Who Am I? And what Do I Do?

Welcome to my JoJo Wiki Account!!!

Hi! I Am Aiden the ToyManiac, And I'm an Action Figure Collector/Reviewer, I've Been Collecting for 7+ Years, And Collect From a Varity of Lines.

You May Recognize Me from my Work on the S.A.S. Page.

I've been Collecting for a Quite a While now, But I Hadn't Made myself known Until 2020, When I Made My TikTok Account Called, welp-Aiden the ToyManiac (My TikTok Account has "123" At the End of the name, but all other accounts that i have made After have it as just "Aiden the ToyManiac"). As it Stands Now, I Currently Have 400+ Followers.

For the People Who don't Know What i do here, Me And My Friend/Contributor Chritin Work Heavily on Pages like the Super Action Statue Page, the Super Figure Revolution Page, Ect.

Currently, i Have Made 1,909 Edits so Far.

Pages I've Contributed To:

The main thing i Do here is Work On the Merchandise Section, Since that's my Field of Expertise, but if you wanna See Exactly Which pages i Work On, They are Listed Here

Pages I've Created:

Besides Contributing to Already-Existing Pages, I've Also Created some Pages. All the Pages I've Created are Listed Here

Thank You Brooks & Diana (Co-Founders of Otaku Lamps) For your Help with the Otaku Lamps Page, and for Sending me the Jotaro Lamp!!!


Favorite Games

  • Gears of War (All Except 5, 5 Is Dog Water)
  • Halo (All Except 4, 5, and Infinite, they aren't Very Good)
    ๐Ÿ—ฟThis pic goes Hard๐Ÿ—ฟ
  • FNAF (All Except AR, i just really don't care for it, Personally)
  • Skylanders (IDGAF what you say.)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Remastered)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (All Except Sonic Boom, Forces, and some other Ones i don't Remember)

And Some Other ones That I'm Not Gonna Put Here Cause i Don't Want this List to be Too Long

โ˜… Favorite JoJo (Left Being #1) โ˜…

Favorite JoJo

GiornoAv.png GiornoAvAnim.png

(Dog Water)