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Below is Spyromaniac666's To-Do List.

If you happen to use this for finding stuff to do yourself, please update it to reduce confusion (although I'd prefer you create your own to-do list instead).


  • Update Episode pages as rewatching the anime
  • Create Episode galleries for pages that don't have them (stitched frames only!)
  • Add "To be continued" screens from the end of the episodes and add to personal gallery
  • Add playlists to OST galleries
    • Size is 650
    • Use Vid template
    • Wrap in Center template
  • Translate episode pages


  • Update summaries while going through the manga
  • Create summaries for volumes that are missing them (and that can be accurately translated)


Character Galleries

  • Add demo moveset vids to demo character galleries



  • ASBR main render
  • Costumes & Colors
  • Appearances in main, official artwork (such as the game's official poster)


  • Videos (generally 480p and around 3MB or less)
    • All moves, specials, heat attacks, assist attacks, etc.
    • Try to group certain moves together (e.g. HHA & GHA next to each other, in that order)
    • Put move names in captions. Move-type in bold, move-name in normal text
    • See GVid for info on how to use template
{{GVid|file_name.extension|caption='''Move Type:''' Move Name}}
{{GVid|ASBR Jotaro GHA.mp4|caption='''Great Heat Attack:''' You pissed me off.}}
  • Gallery pics
    • Include name of move and how it's being used
    • Note that this section is significantly less important than the videos; don't add to it for no reason


  • Entrance poses/animations
  • Taunts/animations
  • Win poses/animations


  • Basically anything and everything else involving the character
    • Keep promotional stuff first (e.g. the demo poster)


  • Replace <tabber> template with {{tabber}}
  • Change headers to acronyms for tabs that are too long
  • Re-word to remove the person's name (e.g. "Jotaro punching" -> "Punching")
  • Split games into more tabs
    • ASB/EoH: Appearance, Poses, Gameplay, Misc
  • Last Survivor content
    • (Costume) Variations
    • Poses
    • Soul Chips
    • Profile Cards
    • Misc
      • Last Survivor banner (if applicable)
      • Challenge events
      • Gameplay shots
  • JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! content
    • Main pics + Icons + Stickers (for each version of a character)
    • Promo art
    • Available gifs


  • Add official Japanese w/ {{nihongo2}}
  • Fix formatting to be consistent on all quotes
    • No bold text
    • 『』for emphasised words (unless manga specifies otherwise)
    • '[text]' for english/romaji emphasis
  • Code fixing (Jotaro|{{Ch|44}} instead of Jotaro, {{Ch|44}})
  • Add missing citations