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For more detailed info, check out MediaWiki's page on the EmbedVideo extension

s = The video service to call. - YouTube by default
1 = The raw ID of the video or URL from the player page.
2 = Dimensions in pixels to size the embed container. - 325 by default
3 = Align to the left, centered, or to the right. Inline allows videos to display side by side. - Inline by default
desc = Display a description under the embed container.
container = Specifies the container type to use for the embed.
urlargs = Allows extra URL arguments to be appended to the generated embed URL. (e.g. YouTube start time)
autoresize = Automatically resize videos that would otherwise break outside of their container element.
valign = Align vertically to the top, middle, bottom, or baseline of the parent element. (Forces element to be inline)