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If the world was coming to an end, I've already decided that chocolate would be the last thing I ever eat!
—Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 100: Jail House Lock!, Part 5

KJNanika (ケイジェイ何か Keijei Nanika), born Kira Griffin (キラ・グリフィン) is a minor contributor to JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia. She primarily focuses on image submission and theme creation, such as the Part 5 Anime skin.

Ways I'm Supporting the Series

  • AnimeLab yearly subscription (2nd year)
  • VIZ Shonen Jump monthly subscription (lapsed as of December 2020)
  • 2 Super Action Statues, both purchased from Amazon US
  • 2 plushies, one from Amazon AU, the other from a local convention
  • the Warner Brothers DVD release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation
  • the Madman/Viz Media BD release of the above and Stardust Crusaders
  • all 10 volumes of JoJonium Part 3 (English release)
  • Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo

Reading List

  • JoJolion (Up-to-date)
  • CHAINSAWMAN (Chapter 90)
  • Fist of the Blue Sky (Chapter 8)
  • Codename: Sailor V (Chapter 5)
  • Fist of the North Star

Watching List

  • DRAGON BALL Z (Episode 118)
  • NARUTO (Episode 75)
  • My Hero Academia (Episode 35)
  • Sailor Moon (Episode 33)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (Episode 20)
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Episode 26)
  • Haikyu!! (Episode 1)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 3)
  • LUPIN III Part 4 (Episode 4)
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (not started)



JoJo Stone Ocean Logo FAKE Original.png
  • Her mockup of a Stone Ocean anime logo has been used across the internet in fanworks, albeit uncredited as the image has spread to various unauthorised image hosting sites. She would, however, like to be either credited or compensated for if the logo is used for profit.
  • Her favourite part is Stone Ocean.
  • Other series she enjoys include Pokémon, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sonic the Hedgehog, among others.

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