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@GreenGiorno is this real

Lou (ルー Ruu, born November 23, 2003 in Palermo, Sicily) is an Italian girl who loves JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


I started reading JoJo in 2018, after a friend of mine asked me multiple times to start this bizarre adventure. I caught up to JoJolion during the serialization of the Doctor Wu story arc. After that I started reading Araki's one-shots like Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan or Cool Shock B.T.. I joined the Wiki in late 2020 during the serialization of JoJolion's final arc, The Wonder of You. I started actively contributing to the wiki in 2021 by uploading images to the various galleries, doing interviews, and trying my best to write articles (English is my third language, so I had some troubles with the last one).


I interviewed many people in the past. These interviews are available here on the wiki! Please, check them out.

JoJoFeedback Reki Taki.jpg
Published November 18, 2021
Kurusu Interview.png
Published November 13, 2022