The JOJOLands - Chapter 3

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The Villa on Hawaii Island, Part 1 (ハワイ島の別荘 その①, Hawai-tō no Bessō Sono 1), originally titled Find the Diamond in the Mansion (豪邸にあるダイヤを探せ, Gōtei ni aru Daiya o Sagase), is the third chapter of The JOJOLands and the nine hundred sixtieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.

This chapter was originally published in the May 2023 issue of Ultra Jump, alongside the penultimate chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.


Jodio hides behind a chair, excited to see Rohan Kishibe swimming in the pool in front of him, as well as the manga artist's Pink Dark Boy drawings on his iPad. Meanwhile, Dragona summons Smooth Operators to carefully open the door of Rohan's mansion, while Paco and Usagi stay on guard. Usagi notices a stray cat walking near him. Jodio tells Dragona that there's no issues on his end by the pool, so the trio heads inside the mansion. Dragona orders the other two to only search for the diamond, since stealing anything else would raise suspicions with airport security once they leave. However, Paco was already trying to steal several antiques and money, while Usagi shoved numerous alcohol bottles into his bag. Dragona forces them to put it away and says to look for a safe. Usagi then uses scissors to tear open a painting on the wall, nonchalantly exclaiming that there's nothing behind it. Despite Dragona's warnings, Paco also pockets some of Rohan's money.

Dragona discovers a messy room with rocks all over the ground alongside several flasks on a desk. On Rohan's iPad, Jodio sees several photos of volcanoes and close-up photos of cooled lava. He is surprised that Rohan actually went to that area since the place forbids tourists due to the danger. Paco and Dragona assume Rohan was purifying drugs in that room, thinking the items on the desk were beakers. Usagi explains that they are actually flasks and the rock-like material inside is 'a'ā lava. He gives them a lesson about the difference between flasks and beakers and also explains what 'a'ā lava is, before admitting that he doesn't know what the lava is for. Paco sarcastically thanks him for the lesson and orders him to go find the safe.

Jodio continues searching Rohan's iPad, scrolling through numerous photos of Rohan's pet dog and thinking he's cute. He thinks Rohan's editor might be taking care of the dog while Rohan is traveling. The cat that was wandering around earlier sniffs around near Jodio and then leaps onto the roof. As he wonders whose cat it is, Rohan gets out of the pool and looks around, startling Jodio. Jodio quietly calls his allies to inform them of the emergency, since Rohan was about to head inside the house. Rohan also wonders whether that was a stray cat, thinking that it's strange to suddenly appear and might belong to someone. Jodio panics, asking for his allies to hurry, or even retreat and they can come back another day. However, Paco and Usagi then find the safe behind Rohan's bookcase. Dragona prepares to use Smooth Operators to open the safe.

As soon as Rohan heads inside, Jodio uses November Rain to make it rain on the balcony. Rohan is confused about the sun shower, but heads back to retrieve his iPad and book. When he picks up the iPad, his finger is pricked by a cactus spine from a potted plant behind the chair. Jodio used his Stand to make the spines drop with the water dripping from the cactus. He then sees the cat heading inside the mansion. Smooth Operators struggles to open the safe since it has five metal bars inside the door. Usagi points to the cat approaching them. It walks right past them, so Paco thinks it will be fine as long it doesn't make any noise. Dragona finally opens it and they retrieve the diamond, verifying that it's the real thing. Behind it, another chunk of cooled lava is sitting in the safe.

The trio hurries to escape, but a plastic string resembling a fishing line suddenly wraps around Paco's foot. It quickly tightens and Paco is unable to get it off. Dragona tries to help, but a string also wraps around their arm. Another string approaches Usagi's foot, but he jumps to dodge it. The string floats back into the hallway and turns translucent. Usagi realizes that the cat must be a Stand user and set up the string when it went down the hallway. Rohan realizes that the stray cat and the rain both aren't natural phenomena and that something else is happening. Jodio checks in with his allies again, warning that they're all in trouble because Rohan can see Stands.


Pink Dark Boy (Character)
(1st appearance) (Drawing)
Bakin (The JOJOLands)
(1st appearance) (Photo only)
November Rain
(Ability Only)
Cat Size
(1st appearance)

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