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Extracts a value from an infobox on a page to use somewhere else. The infobox template must have "Infobox" in its name.


{{InfoboxExtractor|page title|label}}

For images

{{InfoboxExtractor|page title|label|imageIndex=|size=|link=}}

By default it selects 1 as imageIndex and sets size at 150px. link is optional.


{{InfoboxExtractor|All-Star Battle R|publisher}}

Bandai Namco Entertainment

With a nested template

{{InfoboxExtractor|SO Chapter {{IntervalSince|2021-11-30 18:35|7|round=true}}|image|imageIndex=2|size=115px|link=SO Chapter {{IntervalSince|2021-11-30 18:35|7|round=true}}|template=true}}

SO Chapter 133 Cover B.jpg

With image

{{InfoboxExtractor|Jotaro Kujo|image|imageIndex=1|size=150px|link=Jotaro Kujo}}

Jotaro SC Infobox Manga.png

{{InfoboxExtractor|SO Chapter 72|image|imageIndex=2|size=150px}}

SO Chapter 72 Bunkoban.jpg

{{InfoboxExtractor|Episode 3|image}}

Episode 3.png