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Template Usage

{{Game Character Infobox
|title         =
|colors        =
|image         = 
|ja_kanji      =
|ja_romaji     =
|engname       =
|availability  =
|reveal        =
|release       =

|health        =
|style         =
|stand         =
|engstand      =
|horse         =
|low_mode      =
|assist        =

|bgm           =
|seiyuu        =
|website       =

Usage Notes

  • title: The name of the character.
  • colors: The Part of the character's origin. If in multiple, use the debut.
  • image: The character's game render.
  • ja_kanji: The original Japanese name of the character, in katakana/hiragana/kanji, as displayed in the Japanese versions of the game.
  • ja_romaji: The Romanized character's name.
  • engname: The character's localized name. If not applicable, leave blank.
  • availability: The characters status, i.e. Returning, New, Free DLC, or Paid DLC.
  • reveal: The reveal date for the character's inclusion in the respective game. Leave a reference to the reveal's source as well if applicable.
  • release: The release date of the character in the respective game, typically for DLC characters.
  • health: The character's in-game health stat.
  • style: The character's in-game Style, e.g. "Stand". Do not use the localized variant, e.g. use "Ripple" instead of "Hamon".
  • stand: The character's in-game Stand(s). If not applicable, leave blank.
  • engstand: The localized Stand name. If not applicable, leave blank.
  • horse: Only applicable for Steel Ball Run characters. Link to the horse which they use in-game, if any.
  • low_mode: The character's low HP mode, e.g. Rumble.
  • assist: Number of Assault and Reversal assists, specifically for All-Star Battle R.
  • bgm: The character's in-game theme.
  • seiyuu: The character's game voice actor.
  • website: A link to the character's official game page, if applicable.

Any information that is unknown or does not apply can be left blank and will not appear.