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  • ArrowNerf.png Nerfs are changes to a character that make them overall worse than they were before.
  • ArrowBuff.png Buffs are the opposite of this; the character is made overall better by this change.
  • ArrowChange.png Neutral Changes are subjectively-good/bad changes, such as bug fixes or reworks.

When deciding whether a move is a Nerf, Buff, or Neutral Change, it's important to consider the intent behind the change as well. For example, the All-Star Battle R patch notes sometimes come with descriptions detailing the reason behind a change to a character.






Comparison Table

The can be put at the top of character Update History sections to give a statistical summary of how a character has been changed overtime.

Balance Changes Comparison
ArrowBuff.png Buffs
ArrowNerf.png Nerfs
ArrowChange.png Neutral