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GrslySpeedwagon Foundation

17 months ago
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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to bring this up, but i think that Risotto's height is incorrect. While it is listed as "185 cm" on the referenced model sheet, i believe its a typo. On the same model sheet he is not only clearly taller than Illuso, who is listed as "188 cm", but also lines up with the 195 line. In the revision history i've seen someone try to fix this before, however their revisions were undone so i'd like a second opinion on this.

VishHeaven Ascended

16 months ago
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The original model sheet was actually made before the anime began and used the prototype models of the characters. There's another sheet they made after the anime started (CR200_26) which still lists Risotto as 185 cm (the purple bar).