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BigRobotRipple Clan Warrior

29 months ago
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One of, if not, the worst Close-Range humanoid stand ever.

1. It can be overpowered by other close-range stands like Soft & Wet, which had a B in speed. So this stand is probably like Kochi's ACT 3 where it was overpowered by Killer Queen who was overpowered by Star Platinum and Crazy Diamond respectively. Meaning that this stand is a tier 3 Close-Range stand, can fight, but can get overpowered by the previous two tiers easily.

2. It has a short ability range, only 5-10 meters. That's not helpful in anytime of battle except in the closet of ranges. As another negative, With a weak overall Close-Range Stand in speed, the user has no chance to get in close with another close-range stand user to distract them until the abilities power arrives unless the close-range stand is just as weak as it.

3. You have to touch someone for the ability to work. If the enemy knows how the ability works, Then this heavily disadvantages the user as they can easily just stay away from the user and never let them touch them. Combine this and with the short-ability range, it will be near-impossible to steathfully use it without causing suspicion from the target, as they know their getting affected by a stand ability, and they keep getting followed by this one guy who strangely walks close to them.

4. Can only one object is attracted to a target(s) at a time, Things like chestnuts, Pots, or Containers can be attracted to a person, but only 1 at a time. It heavily depends on the environment as well, A barren room with nothing in it will severely hamper the ability, while a grocery store with lots of objects can enhance it. But...if the user is in the range, they might actually be caught in the crossfire due to the extremely small range of the power!

The ONE AND ONLY reason this stand did so well at it did because its user was a Rock Human who can hide in the environment to avoid detection. But even then, this depends on the environment as well. An outdoor area will help out depend on the vegetation and the amount of large rocks, but if its absent or if the user is in an urban environment or inside a building, then they'll stick out like a sore thumb. It will be impossible to get close to a person, touch them, and attract objects without being found quickly in a place like a house. So even with the Rock Biology of the user, I Am a Rock is still a shitty Stand. How can the ability be described as a "Great Power" when it can't even use its ability effectively the majority of the time?