El Señor de las Moscas

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These were no ordinary moscas. They were lethal weapons that targeted light and heat, hard enough to rip through flesh and shatter bone.
El Aleph Chapter 1

El Señor de las Moscas (エル・シニョル・デ・ラス・モスカス(蠅の王), Eru Shinyoru de rasu Mosukasu, lit. Lord of the Flies) is the Stand of Fabio Ubuh, featured in the light novel El Aleph.

It allows Fabio to command flies near him by ordering them where to strike. It can also harden the bodies of the flies, transforming them into lethal "invisible bullets".


El Señor de las Moscas is a humanoid Stand that resembles royalty and has compound eyes.[1] The bodies of the flies transformed by the Stand have exoskeletons as hard as cast-iron or steel.[2]


El Señor de las Moscas is a suitable ability for assassination, allowing Fabio to target civilians and destroy religious statues without leaving any evidence behind, as the flies do not stay behind like bullets after they shoot through their victims.

Fly Manipulation

El Señor de las Moscas is able to control flies within range of Fabio's sight, coordinating their behavior to his will. There is no limit to the number of flies the Stand can manipulate, as Fabio summons a massive swarm that blackens the sky. Fabio commands the flies by flicking his wrist or waving his arms, hands, and fingers, as if he is fly fishing or signalling in semaphore.

The flies naturally target light and heat, so they can accurately strike humans even in the dark. However, if someone is carrying a lantern, then the flies would target that first.

El Señor de las Moscas cannot generate flies out of thin air and can only control real flies. Fabio seems to store flies within his body as he sends out a horde of flies from his throat while fighting Lisa Lisa.[2]

Invisible Bullets

While under the Stand's influence, the flies act more ferociously and can travel as fast as bullets. El Señor de las Moscas hardens their bodies, making their exoskeletons as tough as cast-iron or steel. In this state, they are capable of ripping through flesh and shattering bone. This allows Fabio to shoot them like bullets with a flick of his wrist, or they can function as raining artillery. The flies are similar to needle-covered projectiles, as their victims feel something hard and sharp when they are struck. Furthermore, the flies are strong enough to make the roofs of military vehicles look like Swiss cheese. When Fabio is unconscious or the Stand is deactivated, they revert back into being normal flies.

Due to their nature of flying away after striking their victims, this ability is known as both "balas invisibles" (invisible bullets) and "balas mágicas" (magical bullets) by the Speedwagon Foundation investigators.[2]


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