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The following is a basic guide for the layout of Episode Pages.

The first line of the page should be formatted as such:

Name of Episode in Bold is the (Episode # in Ordinal long-hand Notation) episode of (Season #) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. It is also the (Episode # in Ordinal long-hand Notation in Part). List the chapters the episode adapts as well if possible.

EX: Dio the Invader is the first episode of season one of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. It is also the first episode of Phantom Blood. It covers Chapter 1 through Chapter 5 of the manga.


Basic summary of what happens in the episode. Should generally be at least a paragraph long in length. This can be used in the List of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure episodes page as well.


Use the Template:CBox and the Template:Char for each characters to indicate which characters and Stands appear in this episode.

  • For the Chat template, indicate the name of the character, their avatar and their status if need be.


In there, put the credits for the episode. Use the Template:Credits for this.


List the tracks that are used in the episode. Use the Template:Tracklist and the Template:Track.

Manga/Anime Differences

This section is to list any major difference found between the anime and the manga. Please list them in bullet form.

In other languages

This section lists the various titles used for the episode in foreign languages. Please list them in table form.


Episodes are often paired with commentaries from the director that are made available in Blu-ray box sets. Add whenever it is available.


All the noteworthy shots from the episode.


Interesting info that does not fit in any other section goes here.

Site Navigation

Include the proper navigation boxes in this section. Use one of these templates, depending on the episode: {{Part 1 Chapters}}
{{Part 2 Chapters}}
{{Part 3 Chapters}}
{{Part 4 Chapters}}
Include {{Anime}} as well.

Be sure to add the Episodes category to the page as well.