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About Me

This page is still work in progress because I STILL have to find out how to properly edit things on this site.

Yet I somehow managed to edit things on this site, yikes.

Yes I drew that quality artwork of Hol Horse myself, I know it was hard to distinguish from official artwork, I get that a lot.

My History with jojo

Early 2016 some strangers - who are now good friends of mine - posted pictures of the Part 4 Manga on Discord and I got interested, I looked it up and started to read Diamond is Unbreakable for a bit, not knowing there was stuff before, nor knowing that there was an Anime for it. After only a few chapters I dropped it however.

  • The only Anime I watched prior were One Punch Man, Pokémon, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and some of these old Ghibli Movies.
  • Before JoJo, I have never before gotten deeply invested into a franchise, ever.


In the late 2016, where the Anime Adaptation for Part 4 finished, I was shown one scene from the Anime. And that was the clash between Star Platinum and The World. I didn't recognise Star Platinum, but my friend told me that this was JoJo. And he summarised it by saying "JoJo is buff men throwing their inner wrestlers at one another". And because I remembered that from the Manga and because that scene literally proved his joke I just... idk... had this as an image for the Anime for a short while longer?

Aaaanyway, at the end of 2016 I began watching JoJo and finished the Anime in early 2017. I then caught up to the Manga near the end of 2017 but have only actually started catching up to the newest JoJolion chapters (January 2019).

And now I'm here, for the past months I've been trying to improve some of the small errors this Wiki had, but now I'm actually starting to add my own pages and make grander edits on many pages sooo... yay? Been having fun so far and hope I can continue contributing to the overall knowledge of the hive-mind that is the JoJo Community.

My favorite pages