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Other information

• JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (duh)

• Twin Peaks


• King Crimson

• Queen • Pink Floyd • Metallica • David Bowie • Red Vox • Jack Stauber • Steely Dan • BADBADNOTGOOD • MF DOOM • Talking Heads • Steampianist • frederic • Various video game OSTs (too many to pick from)


• IT (Steven King)

• The Hellbound Heart & The Scarlet Gospels (Clive Barker) • House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski)

Video games

• The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

• The Binding of Isaac • Dark Souls III • Yakuza 0 • Monster Hunter World • Monster Hunter Rise • Monster Hunter Stories 2 • Undertale/Deltarune • NieR series


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (DUH)


• Large fries (but not fried chicken)

• Pizza mozzarella (or Gorgonzola) • This weird spiky fruit I found


my body is 95% sparkling water, please help me

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December 28th


Discord: Eggo#4534

About me

Although I first started watching JoJo in early 2017 due to the "To Be Continued" meme, I didn't actually get into it until the summer of that year. Ever since I've been hooked, and really there is no mangaka quite like Mr. Araki. I've spent waaayyy too much time reading and editing the many, many articles on the original wiki, and I look forward to working with this site for a long time.

Fun Fact: Although I didn't hear of the series until 2017, I was first exposed to JoJo long before even the anime had begun production via a "Do You Like Waffles?" flash animation (two concepts that date this story extremely) that ended in a classic "ROADA ROLLA DA!!!". Of course, I had no idea that it was a reference to something, but when I reached that scene in the Part 3 anime my brain brought that memory back and I couldn't believe that that seemingly random video was actually based on something. Truly, it was a roundabout path.

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posted 583 days ago

We won't assume Norisuke is dead until confirmation