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I am a thief and a stealer of souls, and I have done terrible things in my quest to possess the Millennium Items. You do remember the legends don't you?
—Bandit King Bakura

Hey, Im Bakuzxy but I also go by MaxiPad. I'm a 16 y/o Artist (Not a good one) and I make Music. I enjoy reading Manga such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball, One Piece,Jujutsu Kaisen and similar Series. I am an editor and translator of the wiki as of typing this and I hope to grow and develop with the Wiki.

I've been a fan of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime since Stardust Crusaders which i accidentally encountered (Must be fate lol) and then read the manga ever since. My favorite part would be Part 7, favorite Jojo would be Johnny and favorite character in the series altogether would be Weather Report from Stone Ocean.