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This is the Documentation subpage of Template:Navbox/old
This page's sole purpose is to explain how the Template should be used. Do not use it for other purposes.
This template is used to create a basic navbox.
Type {{navbox|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
  • title - The main title to appear on the top. Always visible even when collapsed.
  • collapsed [Yes/No] - If Yes, the navbox is collapsed by default.
  • template - Name of the template that uses the navbox template. This is used for the v-d-e links on the top left.
  • image - Image that appears on the right (width can be set with the imagewidth parameter if needed)
  • above - Text that appears above all the rest
  • group1 - First group
  • list1 - First content
  • group2 - Second group
  • list2 - Second content
  • ...
  • group8 - Last group
  • list8 - Last content
  • below - Text that appears below all the rest
Sample output
|title = Navigation Box ( click show -> )
|collapsed = Yes
|image = File:NoPicAvailable.png
|imagewidth = 75px
|above = This text is on top of the rest
|group1 = First group
|list1 = List for first group
|group2 = Group without list (doesn't show)
|list3 = List without group (centered)
|group5 = Another group here
|list5 = ....
|below = More text down here!

Results in...