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Template Documentation (sometimes hidden or invisible)

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This template is used to insert a documentation box on template pages. The box makes use of MediaWiki's Transclusion functionality to automatically load the contents of the /doc subpage.
Type <noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude> at the end of the template page. Make sure the opening <noinclude> starts directly after the template code and not on the line below. This would insert an unwanted newline to the template.

General usage

On the Template page

(Template code here)<noinclude>


You may additional add the notoc parameter if the table of contents is not desired.

On the Documentation subpage

On the documentation page you can provide all the needed info for people to know how to use the template.

Every documentation page should start with {{Documentation subpage}}. This will add the appropriate header and category to the page.

The format for the documentation page varies, but try to include at least the following:

  • Description: A short description/introduction of what the template does and when/where it should be used.
  • Syntax/Parameters: The syntax/parameters that the template uses. Make sure to explain individual parameters if needed.
  • Examples: Brief examples demonstrating the template with the various parameters filled in.

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