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Template Usage

{{Movie Infobox/fr
|title           =test
|image           = tetestst
|ja_kanji        =test
|romaji          =test
|genre           =test
|director        =test
|producer        =test
|writer          =test
|cinematographer =test
|music           =test
|design          =test
|lighting        =test
|color           = test
|sound           =testtest
|edit            =test
|art             =test
|production      = test
|distribution    = test
|shooting        =test
|release         =test
|runtime         =test
|country         =test
|language        =test
|budget          =test
|gross           =test
|website         =test
|previous        =test
|next            =test

Usage Notes

  • Title:
  • Image:
  • Japanese Name:
  • Romaji Name:
  • Genre:
  • Director:
  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Design:
  • Color:
  • Distribution:
  • Music:
  • Production: The studio that officially released the film.
  • Release date:

Any information that is unknown/doesn't apply can be left blank and won't appear.