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Template Usage

{{Template:Manga Infobox
|title           =
|image           = 
|ja_kanji        =
|ja_romaji       =
|altname         =
|author          =
|publish         =
|genre           =
|demo            =
|magazine        =
|date            =
|chapters        =
|volume          =
|pages           =
|isbn            =
|medium          =

Usage Notes

  • Title: The title of the article, ie. the name of the season.
  • Image: The official promotional poster of the season, nothing fan-made.
  • Japanese Name: The season's original title, in katakana/hiragana.
  • Romaji Name: The season's original title, in romajinized katakana/hiragana.
  • Genre: The season's original genre(s).

Any information that is unknown/doesn't apply can be left blank and won't appear.