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Combine together with CBox if you want to place the character icons inside a box with a title.


Hub Links
{{CBox|Title=Optional Title|

{{CBox|Title=Hub Links|Align=C|
{{HubLink|Name=Main Antagonists|Av=MainVillainsAv.png|Type=Category}}
{{HubLink|Name=Pillar Men|Av=PillarMenAv.png|Av2=MainVillainsAv.png|Type=Category}}


Name = Name of the character
SName = Name to display if different from the link
Av = Avatar/Image of the character
Status = Status (Mentioned only, Deceased, First appearance, or anything else)
Stand = Stand of the character
Stands = Stand name to display (if different from the link or char has multiple stands)
Color = Color of the name box
Color2 = Color of the status box and background of the icon
Type = UN for Unnamed Characters, MN for Minor Characters, UNS for Unnamed Stands, HN for SBR Horses, MI for Minor Items, None if the character is not on any of these pages.

CBox Parameters

bg = Title background color
bg2 = Background color behind the char boxes
Title = Title to display
Type = Makes the title have links to Minor/Unnamed Chars (the only parameter is M)
Part = The manga/anime part. For example, if Part is Phantom Blood, the title will say "Characters from Phantom Blood"
Align = C (Center), L (Left), R (Right)