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This is a template used for pulling and embedding images from external image hosting sites like imgur and embedding them on wiki pages. It requires you to install the ExternalImageLoader script on your wiki to work.

You are not permitted to use this to display inappropriate images (gore, porn, or shock image)


All the parameters except url are optional.

Parameter Explanation Comment Default
url The location where the image is located This parameter is compulsory
width Allows to set the width of the image Cannot be set to width more than of the original image Original size
height Allows to set the height of the image Cannot be set to height more than of the original image Original size
link Allows you to link to any page The link must be a complete url Location of the image
align Allows you to align the image left/right left
alt Alternate text to display incase image fails to load It is used as a hover tool-tip as well
caption Allows you to set caption for the image Will be displayed below the image

Note: Do not specify the units (px/em) for height and width. Its automatically px only.

{{ExternalImageLoader|url =< url of the image>|width =< optional image width>|height =< optional image height>|alt =< Image alternate text (hover tooltip)>|caption =< Caption to display>|align =< alignment of the image>|link=< Link to a page (entire url)>}}
|alt=I do what I want}}

See here for a working example