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Template Usage

{{Book Infobox/fr
|title           =
|image           = 
|ja_kanji        =
|ja_romaji       =
|altname         =
|genre           =
|date            =
|chapters        =
|pages           =
|isbn            =
|author          =
|publisher       =
|medium          =
|website         = 

Usage Notes

  • Title: The title of the article, ie. the name of the book.
  • Japanese Name: The book's original title, in katakana/hiragana.
  • Romanized Name: The romanized name of the book's Japanese title
  • Alternate Names: Other names associated with the book. In other words, the book's title if also published in another language.
  • Genre: The genre(s) which the book belongs to.
  • Release Date: The date the book came out.
  • Chapters: The number of chapters in the book.
  • Pages: The number of pages in the book.
  • ISBN: The book's ISBN. If published in more than one country, include separate ISBNs on different lines and indicate country of origin (JP is Japan, FR is France, IT is Italy).
  • Author: The author(s) of the book.
  • Illustrator: The illustrator of the book.
  • Publisher: The book's publisher.
  • Medium: What type of book it is - artbook, light novel, etc.
  • Website: Website of book if one exists