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29 months ago
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In dark mode, the graph of who has the corpse parts across any given part doesnt work. The purple and the green make it so its almost impossible to read, and its just poor typefacing in general. Could we get a fix?

VishHeaven Ascended

29 months ago
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I might be able to make a better looking template later, but for now I changed the text color on the graph to black. Hope that looks more clear, and thanks for mentioning it.

RKx44Valentine's Subordinate

30 months ago
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You have to add debuts of corpse parts as ref.

  • Left Arm — SBR Chapter 25: Tusk, Part 1
  • Heart —
  • Right Eye —
  • Left Eye —
  • Spine —
  • Rib cage —
  • Ears —
  • Right Arm —
  • Skull —