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BigRobotRipple Clan Warrior

7 months ago
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The 2nd worst stand of all time. Man, does Akari realize that he's been making terrible stand after terrible stand lately? Because after this, even more terrible stands are made. California King Bed (Only useful against people with Amnesia, and their pretty rare to come by), I Am a Rock, Schott Keys 1 and 2, Milagro Man, etc.

There are even stands that while not absolutely terrible, Their still not that great and are not useful outside of 1 or two situations. Walking Heart (Climbing up Vertical walls and killing people if the user is wearing shoes), Blue Hawaii (Can only infect one thing at a time), Brain Storm (Killing people), Ozon Baby (Killing people), Doobie Wah and Born This Way (Both have the same gist, but Doobie is deadlier as the target has to breath to keep it away.)