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BigRobotRipple Clan Warrior

23 months ago
Score -1

The 2nd worst stand of all time. Man, does Akari realize that he's been making terrible stand after terrible stand lately? Because after this, even more terrible stands are made. California King Bed (Only useful against people with Amnesia, and their pretty rare to come by), I Am a Rock, Schott Keys 1 and 2, Milagro Man, etc.

There are even stands that while not absolutely terrible, Their still not that great and are not useful outside of 1 or two situations. Walking Heart (Climbing up Vertical walls and killing people if the user is wearing shoes), Blue Hawaii (Can only infect one thing at a time), Brain Storm (Killing people), Ozon Baby (Killing people), Doobie Wah and Born This Way (Both have the same gist, but Doobie is deadlier as the target has to breath to keep it away.)


12 months ago
Score 0

I disagree with Fun Fun Fun being the 2nd worst stand of all time its just situational that's all and if you've seen Ojiro's Return you would know he still was able to beat both Jobin and Tsurugi with the "2nd worst stand of all time." Plus JoJo isn't based on power levels and all so who cares if a certain stand is this or that it's all in how you use it.

I Am a Rock it's actually pretty powerful despite the limitations its biggest limitation being the ability's range because he can basically drag anything he wants to an opponent pretty powerful but situational because of the fact like he has to hide, range and getting caught in the cross-fire.

California Kind Bed is definitely really only at its best against people with few memories but then again Daiya isn't some 6ft. wrestler trying to save the world so of course she has a weak stand.

What's wrong with Schott Key 1 it's versatile considering the environment is filled with a lot of things to manipulate. Schott Key 2 has potential for versatility since it's inside of a ball but it's only really used for assassination/killing.

How is Milagro man a bad stand?? is it because it kills the user with money or something else?

Walking heart hasn't shown it's full capabilities but its definitely far more useful than Araki portrayed it as and plus you're usually wearing shoes right? It probably reach high places, maybe she could extend other things besides her hell, get things from far away and maybe fling herself?

Blue Hawaii isn't bad simply because it infects one thing at a time. As you can give the infected any instruction and they'll do it pretty useful imo.

Brain Storm with its feelers definitely could do more but you're right.

Ozon Baby is defiantly powerful but just useful to kill people tbh could still be able to do more though.

Born This Way definitely should not be on this list because you can literally ride a motorcycle! In all seriousness you would look like you're floating in mid-air but Born This Way definitely has some decent application mostly in its wind aspect rather than the cold aspect of its power. So Born This Way is definitely better than the stands you mentioned.

Doobie Wah! to me is the best for killing tbh but just like Born This Way the wind/tornado aspect could have been versatile rather than the cutting/slashing aspect of the power.

Born This Wway and Doobie Wah! also need to touch people which can't be that hard.

Overall JoJolion stands really aren't terrible. You also don't acknowledge a number of stands in JoJolion that seem weak but really useful like NKC, Doggy Style, Dr.Wu, King Nothing, Speed King and Vitamin C for example.