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Using an existing thing, it can shapeshift into another thing that someone wants. I wish it worked with the things I want though.

The Matte Kudasai (THE MATTE KUDASAI(ザ・マッテ・クダサイ) Za Matte Kudasai, lit. The Wait Please) is the Stand of Usagi Alohaoe, featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

It has the ability to use an existing thing to shapeshift into what someone else wants it to be, excluding Usagi's own wishes.


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The Matte Kudasai is a small mechanical bird-like Stand that fits in Usagi's palm. It has a bulbous body with a small forked tail as well as flat tear-shaped arms, which end in small digits that allow The Matte Kudasai to grab onto objects or scale walls. It has humanoid mechanical legs with round knees and three large digits on each foot. It also bears Usagi's symbol on its chest, which resembles the outstretched arms of the Stand in a V shape. Its shoulder, hips, and ears have round studs grooved across the middle, as well as a semi-circle engraved on the rear-pointing side.

The Matte Kudasai has a round head and is equipped with a mask which has the rough shape of a semi-cylinder with pointed fins at the end, as well as a flat front side and two large oval blank eyes.

The Matte Kudasai appears to move by hopping on the ground like passerine birds.


The Matte Kudasai transforms into a fake camera

Wish Granting

The Matte Kudasai uses an existing object to transform itself into another thing that someone wants. However, it does not work for its User's own wishes. For instance, when Dragona Joestar mentions wanting a camera, the Stand hops up to a nearby security camera and transforms into a duplicate camera. While co-existing with the real camera, the cloned camera creates a fake recording to disguise whoever is in its footage by altering their appearances, allowing its user and his allies to infiltrate a property without the owner being able to track them down because they would not be able to prove which recording is real.[1]


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