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These are my fan made stands. I really like a lot of them and hope I can draw them really well soon.

Wonderful World

Wonderful World is a humanoid Stand that allows its user to imprint what they find beautiful onto objects or other people.


Wonderful World resembles a slouching old man. Its head an shoulders are very bright and yellow similar to a depiction of The Sun. The torso and arms are sky blue with clouds in various locations. The stand is wearing pants that resemble ones of a Tibetan Monk with the band resembling a rainbow. Going up the pants are brown leading depictions of green grass and trees turning blue beyond the grass. The Stand wears brown slip-on shoes. The stand also carries a walking stick with a book containing 2 "Y"'s on each page around the top.


Beauty Bestowment

Wonderful World allows its user to to take any attribute of something they find beautiful and force it on to any other object or being as long as it is in line of sight. This can be as simple as the weight or speed of a subject or the fact the one being is drowning then forcing that onto a victim. The user cannot more than one passing of attributes at a time as well as not have the trait come from them-self. If the attribute is no longer visible or destroyed the bestowment will cease.

Making This Stand

When coming up with this stand I was listening to What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong, and of course the question came: How could I make this song a Stand? The song itself is about a man looking at all the beauty he finds in the world so I thought about how the singer describes his thoughts on how beautiful it is that children will grow up and only further mankind's knowledge however some see a crying baby and go "God, could someone shut that baby up". Beauty is subjective and in a way the singer is forcing their views of beauty onto others. So while the design much better represents the tone of the song. I used the more twisted view of this song and took it to a extreme: an ability someone who forces his sadistic ideals and and views of beauty on others. This stand was the first stand I have "Completed" however not the first one I started I hope to finish it soon enough.

Only a Fool

Only a Fool is a automatic stand that changes the way a target perceives the world around them.


Only a Fool appears as a pair of sunglasses resembling red and blue cardboard movie sunglasses. However both shades have lips on them with hypnotic spirals behind them.


Delusional Dreaming

Delusional Dreaming requires the user to know the the name and face of the target, and then to touch them. Afterwards Only a Fool appears on the now host. The host perceives the world as their perfect world slowly becoming more dramatic over time. The delusions will be designed to get the host killed in someway. If the host recognize the true nature of their surroundings Only a Fool will wear off. Otherwise the only way for them to be removed is for the user to die as they are unmovable and indestructible.

Making this Stand

Like most of my stands, I was listening to its namesake: Only a fool would say That by Steely Dan, and thought "How can I make this a stand?". The song has the singer pointing out that an anonymous person for thinking the world was better as it seems, pointing out all the people who are suffering and those who will cause the suffering. So I felt that the user would hate all forms of hope and target those who are hopeful or need hope, using their stand to get rid of those who were foolish enough to believe too easily. When it comes to the appearance the lips on the shades were to reference the album cover of Can't buy a thrill which the namesake song is featured in. I also chose sunglasses alone since I thought it would be easier to draw. I might give it a physical body that places the glasses on the hosts head but I think it's fine as it is for now.

Upside Down Inside Out

Upside Down Inside Out is a close range stand that desyncs the mind and body of those who oppose it.


Upside Down Inside Out has a very thin sleek, white, robotic humanoid that has miniature airplane wings sprouting out of the side, the head is rounder, resembling an astronaut's helmet.


Impulsive Instinct

When Upside Down Inside Out punches another living creature twice Impulsive Instinct takes affect. The target's body begins to act on its own via its basic instincts giving them no advanced thought. The target themselves only spectates from their point of view with out any control. This affect only lasts 20 seconds.

Making This Stand

Like many others this stand's origin is started when I listened to it's namesake. The song itself gives me a vibe of fast paced motion as well as the lyrics talking about a transformation and misunderstanding. So I felt the user stand would force the target into a state of confusion wanting to do one action just for your body to decide otherwise. I would imagine that this would be a good fight against a character is more of strategist. For the design the overall design is supposed to reflect the music video for the song: taking place in a zero gravity airplane. There are lyrics in the song that go as follows: "Don't know where your eyes are, But they're not doin' what you said, Don't know where your mind is baby, But you're better off without it" To me this adds the confusion victims can get from this stand and how they perceive themselves.

Cult of Dionysus

Cult of Dionysus is a dangerous stand that spreads it's influence on mass amounts of victims.


Cult of Dionysus is completely made of dark gray stone, however it can still move. It resembles Dionysus' upper body, however the hair is made from grapevines and glowing purple eyes. The lower half is made of many tangled strips of stone. He holds a stone chalice in his left hand.


Polyamorous Pollution

A purple mist starts to emit from the chalice, it can also emit from the stands free hand. The mist from the hand has shorter range but stronger effect. The mist affects those filled with negative emotions, causing them to follow under the users commands. Those with positive emotions will have all abilities enhanced. The mist enters its target's lungs, enabling them to spread it by passing it on via mouth to mouth.

Making This Stand

I wanted to make this stand immediately after finding the song "The Cult of Dionysus" by accident. The song itself is about a cult where everyone is care free, throws parties, and has sex with everyone. I wanted to make the user someone who wants to force everyone to love each other with the power that I currently have present, though I had thought of the design that is dark and menacing. Instead, I imagine the user would be someone who views those with negative emotions to be useless to count on. I also thought about making it so the smoke was only visible to people with either negative or positive emotions, but scrapped the idea as I felt it didn't add much.

Happy Birthday to U

Happy Birthday to U is a stand that is a living urban legend describes of the stand of Father Time.


Happy Birthday to U appears as a cylindrical birthday cake, 12.7 cm high with a 17.78 cm diameter, decorated with pink frosting a light blue sprinkles and a single light blue candle in the center that doesn't seem to melt, the candle can be blown out.


Happy Birthday to U appears to those for an hour before and after the exact time they born on their birthday. The stand can be see by those who don't have a stand but they need stand potential.

Birthday Wishes

Blowing out the candle with a wish in mind causes the wish to become true the stand then disappears.

Making this Stand

This stand is pretty much a meme stand, I thought of this on the fly after my friend made me a card that was a stand eye catch of myself with the stand named Happy Birthday, the power was pretty obvious and I don't think I would have it any other way.