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This is the Documentation subpage of Template:To USD
This page's sole purpose is to explain how the Template should be used. Do not use it for other purposes.

This template converts a value given in the national currency of a given country to US dollars. The template uses values published by the International Monetary Fund.


{{To USD | {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | | year = {{{year}}} | round = {{{round}}} }}

  • {{{1}}} is the value in the local currency to be converted.
  • {{{2}}} is the country name or 3-letter ISO code for the country whose currency is being converted.
  • {{{year}}} is the year to use for the US dollar value, e.g. US dollars current in 2009. The default is currently 2016.
  • {{{round}}} is an optional parameter. If it is equal to "yes", then the converted value is displayed to the nearest US dollar. The default is rounding to the nearest penny.


  • {{To USD|100|Mexico}} displays 5.28. That is, 100 Mexican pesos would exchange to 5.28 US dollars in 2015.
  • {{To USD|100|MEX}} also displays 5.28.
  • {{To USD|100|FRA}} displays 115.82.
  • {{To USD|100|MEX|round=yes}} displays 5.
  • {{To USD|100|MEX|year=2009}} displays Undefined year "2009" since data for 2009 has not yet been defined.