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Template Usage

{{Template:Magazine Infobox
|title           =
|image           =
|ja_kanji         =
|altname         =
|frequency       = 
|country         =
|language        =
|category        =
|price           =
|publisher       =
|editor          =
|date            =
|circulation     =
|medium          =
|website         =

Usage Notes

  • Title: The title of the article, ie. the name of the book.
  • Japanese Name: The magazine's original title, in katakana/hiragana.
  • Alternate Names: Other names associated with the magazine.
  • Frequency of Publication: Frequency at which magazine is released
  • Country: Country magazine is published in
  • Language: Language magazine is published in
  • Price: List Price magazine is typically sold at.
  • Publication Period: The date the magazine was published.
  • Publisher: The magazine's publisher.
  • Editor: The magazine's editor.
  • Circulation: The number of magazined shipped
  • Medium: What type of book it is - artbook, light novel, etc.
  • Website: Website of book if one exists