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Joseph Joestar (from Part 2) is one of the two playable characters, alongside Jonathan Joestar, that represent the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise in J-Stars Victory VS.

Joseph's moveset includes his Clacker Volley to be used in combo and ranged attacks, his Tommy Gun to be used as a projectile attack and the Red Stone of Aja appears during Joseph's Special Move, where he aims it at the opponent and charges it with a ripple before shooting a powerful solar laser beam at them, causing a huge explosion (In canon, it was Kars who does this by accident during the final events of Part 2). Several of his famous poses appear as taunts and intro and victory sequences, similar to Jonathan.

Joseph's role during Story Mode is limited to small appearances. During Luffy's team arc, they claim to see an person walking over the water coming in their direction. That person is none other than Joseph Joestar himself, challenging the player's team claiming he's training his Ripple power (a small reference to Lisa Lisa's first appearance, where she walked over the water in Italy when first meeting Joseph). He yet appears later, this time challenging Naruto's team. After both battles, Joseph's introduces himself by saying "Joestar... Joseph Joestar, but you can call me JoJo." (the same line he uses to introduce himself to Smokey).

Joseph's color scheme is derived from the one used in the anime series. Joseph shares a theme with the Hunter × Hunter protagonist Gon Freecs, named "Bravely and Resolutely".

Both Joseph and Gintoki (from GINTAMA) shares the same voice actor (Tomokazu Sugita), and this fact is alluded in their dialogs. Such as both characters predicting each other's lines, or a comment from Shinpachi saying, "Gin-san, this guy... He kind of sounds a lot like you."

Despite not having any specific conversation or interaction with Jonathan Joestar, they both appear as rivals in one of the videos for the western version of the game, J-Stars Victory VS+, with their battle named "WHEN GRANDFATHER MEETS HIS GRANDSON!".

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